Natural Acne Treatment Using Lemon Juice

Lemon Juice Acne Treatment

If you are sick and tired of wasting your money on a range of expensive acne creams and solutions then you will most likely want to try using lemon juice, which is an all natural product that is often grown in your own backyard, cheap and relatively easy to use.

  1. Lemon Juice helps to Dry Pimples Out    
    Lemon juice is considered a good natural treatment for acne since it is full of vitamin C which acts as an astringent and really helps to dry pimples out. Homemade remedies like lemon juice are more than capable of bringing the same results as expensive medicated acne treatment products.
  2. Use Lemon Juice As Natural Acne Treatment    
    If you are sick of buying lots of expensive and harsh acne products that just treat the symptoms of acne then you should eliminate acne for good by using a Natural Acne Solution that targets the underlying problem. For many years lemon juice has been considered a cheap and natural treatment for acne since it is full of vitamin C which acts as an astringent and helps to dry pimples out. Homemade remedies like lemon juice are more than capable of bringing the same results as expensive medicated acne treatment products.
  3. Make An Effective Homemade Acne Treatment    
    You can make an effective homemade acne treatment using a mixture of 1 beaten egg white, 80ml of lemon juice and, if you have any, a teaspoon of witch hazel. All you need to do is cover your entire face with this mixture, leave it on for 15 minutes and then wash the mixture off with warm water. The egg whites and lemon juice will clean the skin whilst the witch hazel acts as an astringent, shrinking the contracting the blood vessels around the pimples.
  4. Natural Face Scrub Using Lemon Juice    
    You can create your own natural face scrub in order to save money using lemon juice, cold milk and either ground up orange peel or oatmeal. All you need to do is to mix equal parts of lemon juice and milk to the oatmeal to form a paste. Then rub this natural face scrub on your skin for a minute or two, being careful to avoid your eyes, rinse it off with warm water and then pat your skin dry with a clean towel. This natural face scrub is cheap and effective and will help to unclog your pores and leave your skin feeling smooth and fresh.
  5. Remove And Treat Blackheads With Lemon Juice    
    Lemon juice can be used to remove and treat blackheads from your face, neck, back and shoulders. All you need to do is to rub some lemon juice over the blackheads, leave it overnight and then rinse it off in the morning. Then continue this natural acne treatment every night until the blackheads are either gone or visible reduced.
  6. Treat Acne Scars With Lemon Juice    
    If you have already had pimples then you may have some dark and unsightly acne scars left on your face and neck. If this is the case then you can treat these acne scars with lemon juice to help lighten or even remove them. First wash your face and then gently rub some lemon juice onto the affected area with a cotton bud or cloth. For best acne treatment results leave the lemon juice on the acne scars for 15-20 minutes, then wipe your face clean and dry it thoroughly. After a few days you should start to see the acne scars becoming lighter and being visibly reduced.
  7. Use Lemon Juice To Exfoliate Skin    
    What many teenagers don' know is that exfoliating the dead skin from your face and neck is an important step in treatment and prevention of acne. A cheap and effective way to naturally exfoliate is use lemon juice, because the citric acid in lemon juice helps the exfoliating process. Simply add equal amounts of lemon juice, honey and sugar together and wash your face with this mixture to help remove the dead skin cells from your pores. Also lemon juice is a natural skin whitener, which will reduce the redness associated with pimples and acne.
  8. Add Honey To Lemon Juice Acne Treatments    
    Lemon juice is a very good natural acne treatment, but it does tend to dry your skin out a lot. If this is happening to your skin then you can prevent it by mixing a small amount of honey in with the lemon juice before applying it to your face. The honey is a natural moisturiser which will stop your skin drying out. Also as an added benefit the honey has antibacterial properties which will help in the treatment of acne by stopping bacteria from forming in your skin's pores.
  9. Lemon Juice on Sensitive Skin    
    If you are the type of person who has sensitive skin then you may find that the acid in lemon juice has a stinging effect on your skin. If this is the case then you can mix the lemon juice with a bit of honey, yoghurt or egg white to prevent this from happening. This mixture will still provide an effective treatment for acne, but also protect your sensitive skin from irritation. All you need to do is to mix about half a lemon's juice with 1 tablespoon of egg white or yoghurt.
  10. Best Way To Apply Lemon Juice To Pimples    
    In order to apply lemon juice to pimples and acne scars you can simply use your fingertips. However, the best way to apply lemon juice is to use a cotton bud so that you can more accurately target the problem areas and not effect any of the surrounding clear skin. If you want to use lemon juice as a natural acne treatment and leave it on overnight then be sure that you only touch the pimple head when applying the lemon juice. Otherwise you may wake up in the morning and find a lighter patch of skin where the lemon juice was applied to the skin.
  11. Benefits Of Lemon Juice Home Remedy    
    There can be a wide variety of results when using any proactive acne treatment and the same is true with lemon juice. For some people it will work wonders in a short period of time and for other people they may see little or no effect even after using it for weeks. However, the good thing about using a home remedy like lemon juice for acne is that is costs virtually nothing, unlike some expensive prescription acne treatment products. So it is always better to try out these free tips on lemon juice for acne first before wasting your money on more costly acne treatments.
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