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There is nothing more frustrating for parents on a long road trip than travelling with a car load of bored children. In order for you to alleviate this problem as much as possible here is a wide range of fun activities for teenagers and car games for kids that will keep them entertained and occupied whilst they are travelling.

  1. Good Word Game For Car Trips    
    Playing word games in the car is a great way to pass the time on a long holiday car trip. A really good word game for the car is to pick a specific topic (eg: country, celebrity, Australian city, etc) and then everyone takes it in turns to say a non-repeated country that begins with the letter that the previous person's word ended in. (ie: France => Ethiopia => Australia, etc). Players are eliminated from the game when they can't think of an answer within 1 or 2 minutes and after the game finishes you can just start again with a different topic.
  2. Have A Trivia Contest In The Car    
    If you take a stack of trivia questions with you from a board game, trivia book or that you found online you can have a trivia contest amougst the kids and parents. The only thing that you have to worry about with this car activity is to make sure that the person who is reading the trivia questions is not susceptible to car sickness.
  3. How To Play Spotto In The Car    
    Get the kids to play the car game spotto in order to keep them occupied on long car trips. In spotto each child has to keep a lookout for a list of predefined objects and the first person to see the object gets to cross it off his or her list. Make up the list before you leave home and put things on it like an orange car, post box, telephone box, bus, caravan, etc. When organizing the list for spotto try not to make the items to hard to find otherwise the kids may get bored.
  4. Secret Message Game For Long Car Trips    
    Prepare some secret messages on sheets of paper before you go away on a long car trip with the kids. You can use pictures instead of words or letters, for example draw an eye to represent 'I', a moon and stars to represent 'night' or a clock to represent 'time'. Then when the kids are appearing bored in the car bring out the messages and get them to try and decipher what each of the secret messages mean.
  5. How To Play Car Cricket On Long Trips    
    A good car game for kids and teenagers when you are travelling on the open road and the traffic is few and far between is car cricket. The idea is that you have a predefined set of rules for scoring (ie: truck/bus = 6 runs, black car = 2 runs, blue car = 1 run, etc) and a common vehicle such as a white car meaning that you lose a wicket and are out. Then all you need is a piece of paper for writing down your scores and a keen eye. As each vehicle goes past you either score runs or you lose a wicket and when you have lost 10 wickets then you total up all of your runs. Then you swap players are the person with the highest total of runs wins the game.
  6. Make A Family Favourite Song CD    
    The next time that you are going on a long car trip with the whole family you can pack a CD full of the family's favourite songs or classic tunes and then have a sing-a-long in the car. As a variation you can even try karaoke in the car where each person takes it in turn to sing a song by themselves.
  7. Make Sock Puppets For Long Car Trips    
    Before you go away on your next family holiday get the kids to make and dress up their own sock puppets. Then when you are travelling in the car get the kids to re-enact or create scenes from their favourite TV shows or movies. You will be very amazed at their imagination and how much dialogue the kids will actually remember from certain movies or shows.
  8. Keep Kids Quiet In The Car With Computer Games    
    If all else fails then you may have to resort to the ever faithful computer games to perform the necessary distraction and give you some peace and quiet. Kids and teenagers will generally not even make a sound when they are playing a game in the car like a Nintendo DS or other such gaming console. The only problem with this approach is that you need to make sure that each kid has their own game to play and that you have a sufficient supply of batteries and a recharger with you in the car.

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