Travel Planner for Children & Babies

Travel Planner for Children & Babies

Family holiday are great fun and are filled with special memories for both the parents and children. As much fun as they are, though, they can also be stressful times for the parents, particularly if you have young toddlers or a baby. This is where ideas to save money can help with a useful travel planner for people travelling with children or babies that is filled with helpful tips and practical advice.

  1. Babies Fly Cheaper Than Children        1 Comments
    If you are a young family and are thinking of going of holiday with the children then you should keep in mind that the cost to fly with a baby is much less than it is to fly with a toddler. Generally babies cost somewhere around 30% of an adult fare, whilst children will cost somewhere between 70-85% of an adult fare. Also when planning airline travel with kids do your research on all of the airlines because they will charge different amounts for babies & children, as well as having different criteria as to what age constitutes a baby and what age is classified as a child.
  2. Always Pack Enough Milk Formula When Flying        Add Comments
    If you are flying with a baby that is drinking formula milk then you should always make sure that you pack in your carry on luggage enough formula for the entire flight. You should also factor in a few extra hours for any unexpected delays that may occur during your travels. Another thing to check is that you can buy more formula at your destination and, if not, make sure that you take enough formula with you for your entire vacation.
  3. Plan Ahead For Baby Feed Times On Planes        Add Comments
    When flying with babies plan ahead when it comes to feed time, as most airlines will simply give you some warm water in which you can heat up your milk bottle. Using this method generally takes between 10 and 15 minutes to warm up the milk, so you should have this done before the crying starts.
  4. Request Bulkhead Seats When Flying With A Baby        1 Comments
    If you want to travel on a place with a baby it is important when booking the flight to always request the seats in the front rows where it is possible to attach a baby bassinet to the bulkhead. This is vital travel planning step because there are only a limited number of these seats available on a plane. Also not only make sure that you pre-book one these bulk head seats but double check that you have been allocated one the day before your departure and upon check-in.
  5. Check The Luggage Allowance For Children        Add Comments
    Before you book your flights always ask the airline how many bags you can check in and how much they are allowed to weigh, so that planning travel arrangements are much easier and you don't have the stress of being charged for excess baggage at the check-in counter. You need to check this because some airlines only allow 1 piece of luggage per person and don't allow infants flying without a seat any baggage at all, whilst other airlines will allow a limited amount of luggage for babies.
  6. Book Car Seats When Hiring A Car        Add Comments
    If you are travelling to a holiday destination and then hiring a car then always make sure that you order the correct type of car seat for the size of your baby. You also need to stipulate to the car hire company whether you want the baby seat to be installed as a forward or rearward facing seat, in order to ensure the best possible safety for your baby.
  7. Always Double Check Installation Of Hire Car Seats        Add Comments
    For car hire situations you should add to your travel planner that you MUST ALWAYS double check the installation of the car seat yourself when you pick up the hire car. You should always double check the installation because you do not want to put the safety of your kids and/or baby in the hands of other people.
  8. Take Time To Child Proof Accommodation Rooms        Add Comments
    The first thing that you should do when you arrive at your family holiday accommodation is take the time to child proof the rooms. Family travel with children can be fun and a real bonding experience but the last thing that you want is an accident to happen to one of your kids or the children to break something in the accommodation which ends up costing you a lot of money and spoiling your holiday.
  9. Never Leave Young Children Alone At Night        Add Comments
    Tempting though it may be you should NEVER leave young children alone at night in your holiday accommodation, even if they are sleeping. Toddlers are very curious and might wake up and decide to go wandering onto the balcony or start playing with the electrical sockets. There is also the risk of a fire in the complex or any number of other unexpected things happening.
  10. Be Aware Of Your Children Around Water        Add Comments
    When you travel on holidays with your baby and young toddlers you have to be always be aware of where they are in relation to water. Whether it is at the beach, swimming pool or river never assume that a lifeguard or someone else is taking care of them, because it is your responsibility to look after your own children and keep them safe from the dangers of water.

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