Save on Travel to Tourist Attractions

Save on Travel to Tourist Attractions

If you are travelling around the world you will come across a wide variety of different tourist attractions that will provide you with great photo opportunties and unique holiday experiences. With a little bit of forward planning and research, however, you should be able to save money when ot comes to visiting all of these tourist attractions.

  1. Check All Price Structures Before Booking Train Tickets        1 Comments
    Whenever you are planning tourist travel you should do your research online first before you book any train or transport tickets because sometimes there is peculiar price structures. For example it is much cheaper (almost half price) to book a train ticket for the channel tunnel (the chunnel) from London to Paris as a return ticket instead of a one way ticket (provided that the return date was more than 2 days from the departure date). This anomaly occurs because they offer a discount to people staying in the destination city for more than 2 nights, so, to save money, book a return ticket and simply throw it away when you reach either London or Paris.
  2. Book Tourist Attractions Online Before Leaving Home        Add Comments
    Most special places of interest such as museums, galleries and other tourist attractions will offer you a cheaper entry fee if you book in advance. So if you commit to being a visitor at these attractions by booking your tickets directly online with them before you leave home then you can save a lot of money.
  3. Students & Seniors Can Save On Tourist Travel Overseas        Add Comments
    What many people don't know is that you can save money on tourist travel overseas if you are a student, senior citizen or belong to certain professional organisations. For example journalists can get discounts on some gallery and museum entry fees when travelling overseas. So always make sure that you carry your student card, senior citizens card or ID from any relevant industry body when on your next holiday abroad.
  4. Check For Discount Days To Tourist Attractions        Add Comments
    Some tourist attractions and museums have special days where entry is free or significantly reduced so you should always check for this and plan your holiday travel itinerary accordingly. For example in Paris there is free entry on the first Sunday of the month to the Louvre and the Picasso Museum, whilst in New York the Bronx Zoo has a 'pay what you can afford' day on Wednesday.
  5. Take A Free Or Cheap Bus Tour Around The City        Add Comments
    A lot of major cities nowadays have a free or often inexpensive tour bus that will take you around most of the major sights in the city. The free tour buses are generally run by the city itself and will let you see a lot of different attractions in a very short time, as well as often having a running commentary about each site and its historic importance.
  6. Know The Best Place To Exchange Money When Overseas        Add Comments
    If you can help it you should always refrain from using the currency exchange offices at major tourist attractions and in popular travel destinations because they will almost certainly rip you off as far as the exchange rate goes. The best place to exchange currency is in one of the country's larger banks in the major city centres, because they deal with a large volume of transactions and have increased competition from other banks.
  7. Find Out The Parking Restrictions Around Tourist Attractions        Add Comments
    If you are hiring a car and driving to major tourist attractions then make sure that you do your research about vehicle access and parking first. This is because some tourist attractions, for example in Italy, have restricted vehicle access around major tourist spots in order to promote better pedestrian access and reduce pollution. In this case you would be better off trying to catch the local public transport because the last thing that you need on your overseas holidays in a parking fine or infringement notice.
  8. Best Time To Get Photos At Major Tourist Attractions        Add Comments
    If you want to get a good photographs at some once in a lifetime tourist attractions, such as the Taj Mahal, it is often best to stay overnight nearby and then visit the attraction on a couple of different occasions. In order to get the best photos it is preferably the visit the attraction once in the morning and then once again in the evening, so that you can get a different perspective on the monument or attraction.

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