Packing Tips for Holiday Travel

Packing Tips for Holiday Travel

Everyone loves going away on a holiday because of the freedom and relaxation that it brings, but many people do not enjoy packing for their holiday or are so bad at packing that they end up having to pay for excess baggage at the airport. However with a few helpful packing tips you will be able to calmly pack for your holiday travel and also save money on excess baggage fees.

  1. The Number One Rule Is Pack Light        Add Comments
    The number one rule for travel packing is to pack light, as airlines nowadays are becoming very strict about baggage allowances and charging people lots of money for simply being a few kilograms over the limit. One of the best packing tips that will help you to pack light is to take 1 pair of jeans, shorts and/or skirt which can be worn each day with the help of 5 or 6 distinctly different tops.
  2. Make Suitcases Stand Out From The Rest        Add Comments
    Most people travel with black suitcases so it can often be very hard to identify your luggage from the rest of the crowd. A great tip to make sure that your luggage is easy to spot and nobody else picks up your bag by mistake is to simply tie a coloured ribbon around the handle or place a unique sticker on the case.
  3. Pack Important Items In Carry On Luggage        Add Comments
    You should always ensure that when you are packing for holiday or business travel that you put all of your your important documents and things that can't afford to lose like jewellery, prescription glasses and medications in your carry on luggage.
  4. Spread Your Clothes Across Different Suitcases        Add Comments
    A helpful packing tip that you should use whenever you are travelling with more than one suitcase is to place some of each persons belongings into each suitcase. By doing this you will ensure that if one suitcase goes is lost or stolen then everyone will still have a change of clothes and will not have lost everything.
  5. Pack Some Clothes In Your Carry On Luggage        Add Comments
    One of the best packing tips that is often not adhered to is to always pack one change of clothes in your carry on luggage. This is a precautionary measure to ensure that you are covered in case your bags don't end up at the same place that you do.
  6. Keep A Copy Of Your Travel Documents        Add Comments
    Always pack in your carry on luggage a backup copy of your holiday travel documents, a photocopy of your passports and a recent photos of your family just in case they are needed. You may also choose to email this information to yourself, a close family friend or family member so that they can be accessed from anywhere in the world (that has internet access).
  7. Use Every Space Available When Packing        Add Comments
    Whenever you are packing for overseas travel remember to use all of the available space in your suitcase or bag. This includes things like filling up your shoes and any other hollow items with small clothes such as your socks, hankies, underpants, hats and rolled up t-shirts. By packing things in tightly like this you will also be able to take a smaller sized suitcase which will be less bulky when dragging around the airport.
  8. Make Yourself Comfortable On The Plane        Add Comments
    To arrive at your destination in as good a shape as possible you should always travel armed with a few essential items in order to make yourself comfortable on the plane. These things can include a blow-up neck support pillow, a pair of ear plugs to block out the engine noise and crying babies, long warm socks and a cotton eye mask. Be aware that the nylon eye mask that some airlines give you can make your face sweat and is not that comfortable to wear.
  9. Take A Doctors Certificate For Medications        Add Comments
    Whenever you are travelling on a place and you have to carry with you any form of medications like insulin for diabetes or blood pressure tablets then you should make sure that you have a doctors certificate stating this fact. This way customs and baggage officials will not ruin your holiday travel by confiscating your medication or detaining you for any length of time.
  10. Only Take As Much Shampoo As You Need        Add Comments
    Get some small plastic bottles and pour some shampoo, conditioner and any other liquids that you need on your holiday travels into them. With these packing tips you only take as much as you need for your trip and your toiletries bag will not be so heavy or full of large bottles.

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