Holiday Travel on a Budget

Holiday Travel on a Budget

Whenever you are planning on taking a holiday with the whole family or looking for new and exciting places to visit it is good to find somewhere that doesn't cost the earth. If you look hard enough there are lots of different destinations where you can have holiday travel on a budget, as well as helpful holiday tips that can save you money when it comes to travelling.

  1. Serviced Apartments Are Better Value For Money        Add Comments
    If you are a family looking for cheaper holiday accommodation a good idea for travel on a budget is to book a large serviced apartment or family suite instead of two interconnecting hotel rooms. The room rate will not only be much cheaper for a serviced apartment but you will also be able to save money on groceries by having the added luxury of your own cooking and kitchen facilities.
  2. Go Camping For A Real Budget Holiday        Add Comments
    For a memorable weekend away with the family or a real holiday on a budget you can spend some time camping. You can choose to either go camping in a registered camping ground with full facilities or, for the a really adventurous experience go camping in a remote bushland, seaside or river front location.
  3. Travel To Countries With A Low Cost Of Living        1 Comments
    One of the best ways to get a bargain overseas holiday is to travel to a country where the cost of living is low in comparison to your own country. Such places include many of the countries in South East Asia, Greece, Eastern European countries, South America, India and Africa. Many of these countries are less than desirable holiday destinations but if you search hard you can find within many of these countries some truly fascinating places to holiday that are cheap and will provide you with a unique holiday experience.
  4. Countries With Developing Tourism Provide Great Budget Travel        Add Comments
    You will find that countries where holiday tourism is still developing like Bali, Vietnam, India, Nepal and Samoa will provide you with much better budget travel opportunities than the more traditional holiday destinations like Hawaii, Maldives, Singapore or Paris. You may also want to try travelling to countries which have a tourism industry that is struggling, such as Greece or Portugal, in order to get great budget travel deals.
  5. Eat And Shop Away From Major Tourist Attractions        Add Comments
    When you are visiting a major tourist destination or attractions you should try to avoid doing your shopping or eating anywhere nearby. This is because the vendors around such a major tourist attraction will definitely charge you more than normal. You will be able to find much better value for money and also have a more well-rounded experience if you go slightly off the beaten track on your holiday travels.
  6. Save Money By Not Have An In-flight Meal        Add Comments
    With certain budget airlines you may be able to save money on your airfares by choosing not to have an in-flight meal on some of the shorter flights. If you are doing this you can either eat a large meal before your flight is due to depart or take some snacks with you on the flight.
  7. For Long Weekends Take Monday Off Instead Of Friday        Add Comments
    Getting away for a long weekend can really help to recharge your batteries, but they can also be very costly. A great budget travel idea which can save you lots of money is to take the Monday off rather than the Friday for the long weekend. By doing this you will find that flights will be cheaper and hotel accommodation on a Sunday night is also much cheaper than the accommodation on a Friday night.
  8. Ask For Compensation If Inconvenienced While Flying        Add Comments
    When you go on a long international flight remember that if something doesn't work and you have been inconvenienced in any way (ie: the in-flight entertainment or music wasn't working) then politely ask the flight crew what they can do or you. Some airlines have been known to offer you duty-free vouchers or cash certificates as compensation for being compensation throughout a long haul flight.
  9. Check Airline & Customs Regulations For Duty Free Items        Add Comments
    Always check with the airline that you are flying about their regulations in regard to duty free items that you can take on-board the plane, as well as the customs regulations at your destination country about duty free goods. Recently a lot of duty free perfume and liquor has been confiscated because of the regulations regarding the taking of liquids on-board planes. If you are in any form of doubt about what you can and can't take with you then the best solution is to buy your duty free goods once you touch down at your destination.

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