Travel Information Guide For Saving Money

Travel Information Guide To Save Money

Throughout your life you will travel to a range of different holiday destinations, either interstate or around the world. Regardless of where you are travelling to there are some tips and travel information that will guide your through your stay and ensure that you not only save money but have a stress free time.

  1. Exchange Money Before You Travel Overseas        1 Comments
    Travel information that every experienced traveller knows is to get some money changed into the local currency before you travel overseas. This is because the foreign currency exchange rates where you have your personal bank savings account will be much better than they are in the country you are going to visit and a lot better than the foreign currency exchange at the airport.
  2. Don't Get Dehydrated On Your Flight        Add Comments
    It is always good to enjoy a couple of free alcoholic drinks on a long international flight but this can leave you feeling very dehydrated. This is because flying tends to dehydrate you and drinking alcohol will actually dehydrate you even more. So remember to always drink plenty of water or juice on a long flight so that you arrive at your destination feeling ok.
  3. Ensure Your Passport Is Not Due To Expire        Add Comments
    For hassle free international travel you should always make sure that you travel with a passport that is valid for a least 4 months after your date of departure. This is because you will find that some countries immigration officials do not like it if you passport is due to expire soon and may decide to turn you away.
  4. Always Inform Your Bank Before Travelling Overseas        Add Comments
    Most banks have an information guide for travel overseas which state that it is good practise to inform your bank if you are travelling to another country. This is because if your bank notices credit card transactions in certain countries without prior warning they may think that they are fraudulent transactions and freeze your credit card, which can cause all sorts of hassles for you.
  5. Best Way To Keep Backup Of Travel Documents        Add Comments
    After you have made all of your travel bookings you should take a few minutes to print out a complete itinerary and travel information guide for your holiday. This includes relevant booking confirmation numbers, flight details, hotel addresses, contact phone numbers, websites and email addresses. Keep a hard copy of this travel information, but the best way to keep a backup of this information is to send it to yourself at an online email address that you can access from anywhere in the world (ie: hotmail, gmail, yahoo, etc).
  6. Earn Reward Points When Booking Your Holiday Travel        Add Comments
    If you have a credit card which gives you reward points then you should utilize it to book your airline flights, hotel accommodation and car hire. That when when you return from your holiday or business trip you will be able to get a little present from all the points that you have accumulated.
  7. Loans For Travel Are A Bad Idea        Add Comments
    Be very cautious when considering taking out a travel loan in order to fund your next holiday overseas. A holiday is something that should be earned and you may be left with a sour taste in your mouth after you return from holiday and have to spend a long time repaying the travel loan and all of the associated interest that goes with this sort of loan.
  8. The Best Way To Overcome Jet Lag        Add Comments
    A lot of travellers find that the best was to overcome the dreaded jet lag that you get from long international flights is to stay awake until your usual bedtime (based on the destination time) on the night of arrival. If you are arriving very early in the morning then it is possible to have a 1 or 2 hour nap, then get up and walk around in the sun all day, as this will help to keep you awake and also is known to reset your body clock.
  9. Use Overseas ATM Machines Inside The Bank        Add Comments
    When you need to take out money from an ATM machine in a foreign country you should always try an do so from an ATM that is inside the bank itself. This security measure is a good precaution to take because it will help to protect you from skimming devices as well as the possibility of being robbed after you withdraw your money.
  10. Don't Dress Extravagantly When Travelling Overseas        Add Comments
    Whenever you travel to an overseas country and especially to major tourist destinations it is advisable that you do not dress up too much and cut back on any extravagant accessories. If you wear lots of jewellery or display your designer handbag it will definitely bring you to the attention of pick pockets and make you a target for being robbed.
  11. Regularly Check Credit Card Statements After Travelling Overseas        Add Comments
    Whenever you return from an overseas holiday it is important that you keep a close eye on your credit card statements and check them regularly for the next few months. If you notice any suspicious or fraudulent transactions on your credit card account then you should report them immediately to your bank and you may have to cancel your card and be issued with a new one.

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