Best Car Hire - Travel Tips

Best Car Hire Travel Tips

When you are flying to a distant city or country for either a business trip or family holiday it is always very convenient to hire a car and be able to drive yourself around. In order to get the best car hire deal available and ensure that you are not surprised by any extra charges you should familiarize yourself with all of the following practical travel tips for choosing a hire car.

  1. With Car Hire Quotes Compare Apples With Apples        Add Comments
    When you are looking for the best car hire deals make sure that you compare apples with apples. Whether you are comparing car hire quotes online or over the phone always check what is and isn't included like the type of insurance, fees for an extra driver, higher excess if you have an accident, road side assistance in case of a break down and limitations on how far you can drive the car. All of these extras features can really make a difference to the cost of car hire and you need to get the same criteria if you are to compare the quotes properly.
  2. Find Out Where The Airport Car Hire Pickup Is        Add Comments
    If you are wanting to pre-booked your car hire travel then find out if the office for the car hire company is actually at the airport, or is it located away from the actual airport and that is why their rates are cheaper. If the car hire company requires you to get a bus or taxi from the airport this can add to the cost of the car hire and is also a real hassle at the end of a tiring flight.
  3. Check Which Car Models Are Classified As Small, Medium Or Large        Add Comments
    Get a list from each company as to which cars they have for hire and whether they are considered compact, small, medium, large or luxury. Different car hire companies will have different models of cars in each category and sometimes a car model that is classified as small by one company will in fact be just as big as a medium sized car from another company. By doing this comparison you will be able to ensure that you get the best car hire deal for your travel dollar.
  4. Save Money By Taking Your Own Infant Car Seat        Add Comments
    For people travelling with babies and toddlers you may want to consider taking your own infant car seat with you on your trip. Doing this can save you money on the price of the car hire and also means that you know exactly how safe the car seat is going to be. If you are going to do this then just make sure that the car you hire has an anchor point for the car seat and that the airline will let you check in the car seat without any extra charge.
  5. Know Your Car Rental Company's Fuel Policy        Add Comments
    You should always know what the petrol or fuel policy is for the company that you hire a car from so that you are not surprised by extra charges after you return the car. You should beware of the car rental companies that want you to return the car with an empty fuel tank as you are rarely able to do this and consequently will end up paying for the unused fuel.
  6. Allow Enough Time To Fill Up Your Hire Car        Add Comments
    Always leave enough time to fill up the hire car with petrol when you are returning the car to the airport, so that you are not late checking in for your return flight. As a matter of fact you can probably fill up anywhere within 30-40kms of the hire car office because most fuel gauges don't stop pointing to full until quite a while after you fill up.
  7. Save Time At Airport When Picking Up Hire Car        Add Comments
    When you get to your destination a smart travel tip is to have one person wait and collect the luggage whilst the other person goes ahead to get all of the paperwork for your car hire travel out of the way. This will save time by beating the queues that form at the car hire counter after a large flight arrives at the airport.
  8. Always Check The Condition Of Your Hire Car        Add Comments
    Always, always check the condition of the hire car before you set off and especially look for any scratches, dents or chips on the windscreen, front and rear bumpers. If you find any sort of dent, scratch or chip make sure that it is clearly marked on the condition report for the car before you leave the parking lot. If you find a dent, scratch or chip (especially on the windscreen) that is not marked on the condition report then make sure that you go back and inform the hire car staff about it. Do not simply mark it on the condition report yourself and then take off in order to get on your way quickly. The car hire staff will need to confirm it, otherwise they will charge you for it at the end of your holiday.
  9. Ensure You Get All The Relevant Car Hire Documentation        Add Comments
    The car hire staff should always give you the contact details for accidents, the number to call for roadside assistance in the event of a breakdown, a condition report for the car and other relevant hire documents. It is best if you confirm all of these important phone numbers and check over the paperwork before you leave the hire car counter.

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