Accommodation and Travel Flying Tips

Accommodation and Travel Flying Tips

When you go on a holiday or business trip the main expense is always the flights and accommodation, so if you can keep these costs down you will be able to save a lot of money on your travel. Here we have compiled a number of ways that you can obtain accommodation discounts, as well as a range of travel flying tips that are sure to help you to save money.

  1. Know The Best Time To Get Cheap Airline Fares        Add Comments
    You can generally pick up cheap airline fares during the months of February and March, so if you are travelling any time after this date this is the best time to start looking for cheap flights. The reason for this is because the 31st of March is the end of financial year for many airlines and before they release their new fares for the next year they give away good deals on their expiring fares.
  2. Book Early To Save Money On Flights        Add Comments
    You will find that most airlines around the world will have sales on flights and provide you with discount fares provided that you book your flight well in advance. So in order to save money on flights you should plan ahead and so book your accommodation and travel early and take advantage of these low fares.
  3. Travel Off Peak For Cheaper Accommodation        Add Comments
    If if is at all possible you should try to travel during off peak and non-school holiday periods. Doing this can save you lots of money because you can get cheaper accommodation and also if you are flying your airfares will be significantly less.
  4. Exchange Homes To Save On Accommodation Costs        Add Comments
    If you are wanting to save lots of money on holiday travel and accommodation then you should try and find some like minded friends or family that live in a distant location and see if they would like to exchange homes for a period of time. This real money saving house swap arrangement gives you all of the benefits of fully furnished accommodation without the hugs price tag.
  5. Book Online To Save On Your Accommodation        Add Comments
    You can use the internet in order to save money on your travel accommodation, flights, cruises, tours and even car hire. Online accommodation and travel websites are the best source of discount holiday rates, so use websites like Wotif, Web Car Hire and even Not One Night where you can book your vacation well ahead of time without having to pay the full amount up front.
  6. Save Money With Holiday Travel Packages        Add Comments
    If you are booking both flights and accommodation to one particular destination then consider purchasing a holiday travel package deal as they are often cheaper than booking everything separately. Whenever you book a holiday package deal make sure that you check the fine print, because these deals sometimes come with drawbacks like 'no cancellations' or exorbitant fees for making changes to the dates.
  7. Know The Best Dates To Book Your Accommodation        Add Comments
    Timing is everything when it comes to getting hotel rooms, serviced apartments and other accommodation at a discount rate. Most people know that staying in the off-peak or shoulder seasons will get you much cheaper rates, however, what they don't realize is that staying in the CBD of most major cities towards the end of the week or over the weekend (provided that there is no special event on in the city) will see you get a cheaper rooms, whilst in most tourist destinations staying during the middle of the week will get you an accommodation bargain.
  8. When Extending Hotel Stays Check The Rate First        Add Comments
    If you manage to pick up an internet bargain for a hotel room or serviced apartment and then need to extend your stay for any particular reason you should always keep in mind that the hotel will generally not let you extend your stay at the same discounted rate, so check with them first before committing to any change.
  9. Ensure Internet Hotel Rates Include All Taxes        Add Comments
    If you are booking or comparing hotel room rates on the internet then always make sure that the price quoted includes all relevant taxes an extra charges. This is because some countries have accommodation taxes and GST (or VAT) that can add up to 25% to the displayed price. If a price is quoted online as 'plus, plus' then that means that you must add the relevant taxes to the price.
  10. Try To Get Spare Seats Next To You On The Plane        Add Comments
    Whenever you fly it is always nice to have a spare seat next to you so that you can spread out, relax and not feel so cramped. One of the best flying tips to try and achieve this is to travel during the middle of the week on international flights and this way you will have the best chance of being on a plane that is not full. Smile and ask at the check-in counter if the place is full and, if not ask politely if they can block out the seat next to you to that you have more free space. If you are a member of a frequent flyer program then you should let them know because this will increase your chances of getting a spare seat next to you on the flight
  11. Leave Time Between Interconnecting Flights        Add Comments
    If you are travelling overseas and need to book 2 interconnecting flights then it is a good flying tip to leave about 2 hours between the arrival and departure times of each flight. This way you are not rushed in between the stopover and are also much less likely to miss your connecting flight if something unforeseen happens during the first flight.
  12. Avoid Toilet Queues In The Plane        Add Comments
    When you travel on busy flights there always seems to be a long queue for the toilet when you need to use the facilities. The best way to avoid the long toilet queues is to go to the toilet before or just after they start serving drinks when most people are still seated waiting for their food and drinks. Flying tips like this will ensure that you don't have to wait in the long queue that always eventuates after everyone on the plane has had a few drinks.

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