Time Savings - Tips in the Kitchen

Time Saving Tips in the Kitchen

Modern appliances have reduced the amount of time and effort needed in the kitchen over recent decades, but people still spend a lot of time throughout the day cooking and in particular cleaning the kitchen area. If, however, you employ practical time saving tips in the kitchen you will have a lot more spare time to do other household jobs or even, heaven forbid, relax.

  1. Attach A Shopping List To The Fridge        Add Comments
    One of the most popular ways to stay organised is to attach a shopping list to your fridge and every time that you discover something that you need to buy you should add it to the list there and then. This little shopping tip will help you to save time when it comes to writing up a grocery list for your household.
  2. Keep A Weekly Menu Plan        Add Comments
    You will be amazed at how simply keeping a Weekly Menu Plan will create time savings when it comes to creating a shopping list because you know what you will need each week and not have to pop down to the shops for 1 or 2 items that you forgot. A weekly menu plan will also help you to be more organized at meal times for the coming week because you know in advance what you are going to cook each day.
  3. Organise Your Pantry And Fridge        Add Comments
    Organise your pantry, cupboards and fridge by buying some clear, see through containers and placing items that you use on a regular basis into these containers. Not only will doing this save you space because the containers are stackable but it will also save you time in the kitchen, because you will quickly and easily be able to see the level of the contents and know when you need to buy more of that item the next time that you go shopping.
  4. Save Time By Washing Dishes Straight Away        Add Comments
    If you want to save time when washing up in the kitchen you should wash your dirty dishes straight away. This is especially important for saucepans or frypans that have food burnt onto them, because if you put it into boiling water and wash it straight away will save time by not having to scrub it for hours later on.
  5. Be Efficient When Preparing Food        Add Comments
    Whenever you are preparing food for cooking in the kitchen you should keep a plastic bag or bowl right next to you so that you can easily store all of your rubbish. This little tip will make you more efficient in your food preparation because you won't waste time running to the bin all the time.
  6. Prevent Messes To Save Time        Add Comments
    If you pour your drinks over the sink and peel your food over the rubbish bag then you will prevent messes from occurring in the first place. This time saving tip will mean that you don't have to waste a lot of time cleaning up your kitchen all the time.
  7. Keep Your Over Clean To Save Time        Add Comments
    Cleaning your oven is a laborious and time consuming task that no-one enjoys. The best way to save yourself the time of having to clean your oven or stove is to prevent it from getting dirty in the first place. To do this simply line it with a thick sheet of aluminium foil, which can be easily removed and replaced once it gets dirty.
  8. Help Icing To Set Quicker        Add Comments
    If you are rushed for time and want your cake's icing to set quicker then add a few drops of vinegar to the icing mixture. Doing this will make the icing set in half the time without affecting the flavour. Also if you add a dessert spoon of condensed milk to the icing it will stop it from cracking.

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