Time Management Tips at Home

Time Management Tips At Home

There never seems enough time in the day to do all of the things that you need to do around the home. From getting the kids ready for school on time and cooking all of the meals through to cleaning and other household chores you should use as many time management tips as you can in order to save time around the home.

  1. Manage Your Time Using Reminder Software        Add Comments
    One of the best time management tips for home is to get yourself a software program that handles reminders. You can either buy one or search the internet to try and find a free one. You will find that your time is much easier to keep track of with this sort of software, as well as ensuring that you remember all of your important events and that you pay your bills on time.
  2. Have An Efficient Home Filing System        Add Comments
    If you have an efficient filing system at home you will be much more productive, so make sure that you have a drawer or filing cabinet to help you to organize and file things away neatly. It is a good idea to organize all of your documents into separate folders and then make a list of all the folders and the drawer number that they are in and tape this list to the side of the filing cabinet. You should also make a folder for shopping and keep cuttings of things that you find interesting or may need to research and buy later on.
  3. Store Your Receipts And Manuals In One Place        Add Comments
    For large purchases or electrical products keep the receipts stapled to a copy of the store catalogue and file it away in a common folder. This time management tip will make refunds, repairs and warranty claims in the future much quicker and easier to handle. You should also store all of the CD's, DVD's and instruction manuals for your computer or electrical appliances together so that it doesn't take a long time to find them when you need to.
  4. Staying Organised Saves You Time At Tax Time        Add Comments
    For people who are not organized tax time is one of the worst times of the year because you can spend days searching through all of your paperwork, emails and other documents to find what you need to complete your tax return. So why not make tax time much easier and simpler by keeping everything tax and employment related for the current year filed together in one folder and add to it throughout the year whenever you receive a new receipt.
  5. Save Time By Batching Your Jobs Together        Add Comments
    If you have a system whereby you batch your small jobs together and do them once a week then you will save a lot of time. For example create a bill paying system where you place all unpaid bills it a drawer or tray and then pay them all at once on a weekly or fortnightly basis. You can also send your anniversary and birthday cards for the upcoming month at the same time as you do your bills. All you need to do is to keep an Excel spreadsheet with all of the dates in order so that you can easily see who's birthday is coming up and this way you will never forget.
  6. Keep Your Kids Clothes Organized        1 Comments
    If you have trouble getting the kids ready for school or are always running late in the mornings then you should organize clothes in sets (on hangers) for the kids so that it is quick and easy for them to get dressed in the morning. It will also save a lot of time if you place your own clothes out the night before so that you don't have to decide what to wear in the morning.
  7. Using Drawer Organisers Saves Time At Home        Add Comments
    In order to keep your junk drawer, jewellery or bedside drawers neat and free of clutter you should use drawer organizers. You can buy dedicated drawer organisers for this task or you can simply use small plastic cutlery trays which will keep everything sectioned and also save you time when it comes to looking for small items.
  8. Use Memory Aids To Help Remember Things        Add Comments
    If you are a day dreamer, forgetful or have trouble remembering things then you should use memory aids like an errand basket filled with things that you have to do tomorrow or a notice board next to the front door to provide you with helpful reminders about the jobs that need to be done. Another great place to have a note board is next to the phone, and here you can also keep a list of phone numbers for emergency, important people and local restaurants.
  9. Donate Regularly To Save Time Spring Cleaning        Add Comments
    When you find items of clothing that don't fit any more or a kids toy that they don't play with place it in a dedicated donation box within your home. Then 2 or 3 times a year you can donate the contents of the box to a local charity and you will save a lot of time when it comes to spring cleaning your wardrobe or cupboards.
  10. Always Keep Your Keys In A Dedicated Place        Add Comments
    If you are the sort of person who is forever misplacing or losing your keys then you should attach a key rack to the wall and make sure that you always put your keys on it. By doing this you will never again be late because you were looking for your lost keys. Alternatively you can have a second set of keys cut and keep them in a safe and dedicated place within the house.
  11. Doing 2 Things At Once Saves Time At Home        Add Comments
    A good time management tip that well organised people stand by is doing two things at once around the home. There are many examples of this such as exercising whilst watching your favourite TV show or getting fit whilst having a fun time playing chasey with the kids. All you need to do is be creative and think of other ways that you can get two jobs done at the same time.
  12. Manage Your TV Time More Efficiently        Add Comments
    Reducing your TV time by only watching your favourite TV shows or taping them and then watching them without the ads will make you much more productive at home. Also you should consider having a no TV day and you will be surprised by the amount of work that you can get done with all the time saved by not watching TV.
  13. Manage Your Time At Home By Making Lists        Add Comments
    If you set aside a small amount of your free time to create thorough check lists for some of your important and commonly performed routines you will find that you are able to manage your time for effectively. Some of the things that you could make lists for include a holiday packing list, emergency fire plan, before leaving the house list, moving house list and much more.
  14. Keep Your Car Organized And Tidy        Add Comments
    Make sure that you have all of the important items that you might need stored neatly in your car. Some of the things that are found in organized cars include an umbrella, plastic bags, water bottle for the radiator, tissues, list of important phone numbers, spare change for parking, blank paper and pens. You can store these things either in your glove box, the centre console, with the spare tyre in the boot or in a special carry bag. Also make sure that your car's clock time is accurate so that you are not late returning from errands or going to appointments.
  15. Make A Weekly Routine Chart For The House        Add Comments
    If you make a Weekly Routine Chart for each member of the family outlining the chores, homework, bedtimes, scheduled events and jobs that are required to do done then you will find that things in your home will run like clock work. A good handy tip for making a routine chart for the house is to use an Excel spreadsheet and print it out or even write it all down on a large whiteboard.
  16. Remove Old Car Registration Stickers Easily        Add Comments
    In order to get your old car registration sticker off your windscreen you can simply rub it firmly with a piece of cotton wool that has been soaked in nail polish remover. The sticker should then easily peel off and you can also remove any sticky residue from the rego sticker by using the same technique.
  17. Having Magazines Home Delivered Can Save Time        Add Comments
    For people who are regular buyers of publications like newspapers, time magazine and gardening magazines you should consider getting them home delivered. You will find that a subscription to the magazine or newspaper will not only save you money off the purchase price but will also save you time by not having to remember to get it for the shop each day or month.

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