Time Management - Skills & Techniques

Time Management Skills & Techniques

In todays world everyone seems to be getting busier and busier, making it difficult to find the time to do all of the things that you want to. For this reason having effective time management skills is very important, as well as using proven techniques that make you more efficient and help to relieve the stress of too much work.

  1. Stop Running Late By Synchronizing Clocks        Add Comments
    If you are the sort of person that lacks effective time management skills and are always running late then a practical tip that will help you is to make sure that all of your clocks are synchronized to exactly the same time. For example if your home clock, watch, phone, computer and car clock all read different times that you will have little chance of getting to an important appointment at the correct time.
  2. Plan Your Work Day Each Morning        1 Comments
    Planning your work day is important time management technique to ensure that you get as many jobs completed in the limited amount of business time that is available each day. The best way to do this is to spend 10 minutes first thing every morning writing a to-do list of jobs that you want to complete that day. On that list you should also add the amount of time that you would expect to complete the task in and also a priority, so that you can get the most important jobs done first. For regular jobs that you do every day look at your clock, time how long it takes to complete the task and use this figure when planning subsequent days work.
  3. Use Software To Monitor Time Spend On Jobs        Add Comments
    A good alternative to monitoring job times yourself manually is to obtain computer software that can monitor for you how much time you spend on each task. This time management software is especially useful when you need to multi-task many important jobs or provide accurate details indicating how much time has been spent on each job for billing or charging purposes.
  4. Keep Track Of When Work Is Due        Add Comments
    To stop yourself missing work deadlines you should either use a diary or preferably a software program to keep track of the due dates for particular projects or work tasks. Doing this should ensure that you never forget when work is due and it will also help you to keep your work schedule running smoothly.
  5. Keep A Backup Of Your Work And Schedule        1 Comments
    It is vitally important for a efficient and productive office that you backup all of the work on your computer using a flash or zip drive. This also includes things like your work planner, diary, work schedule, emails and time management software if you have one. As you can imagine there is nothing more unproductive than having to do all of your work again or losing your work schedule.
  6. Stop Worrying About The Clock        Add Comments
    A sure fire way to stop wasting time throughout the day it to stop looking at the clock all the time. You will find yourself being more productive and efficient if you stop worrying about whether it is 5 o'clock yet and just get on with the work at hand. In fact you will be amazed at how the work day flies when you manage your time properly and are busy throughout the day.
  7. Remove Distractions At Work        Add Comments
    One of the best ways to save time at work is to remove all distractions from your work area. By doing this you will be able to properly concentrate on the work at hand and will not be tempted to waste your time on unimportant things.
  8. Break Large Projects Into Simple Tasks        Add Comments
    If you have a large project to complete at work then you should simplify it by writing down everything that needs to be done. Then place these broken down tasks in order or priority and use your skills in time management to allocate a realistic amount of time for the completion of each task. Finally, in order to save your own time try to delegate as many of these jobs as you can to other people.
  9. Make Work Communication Easier During Travel        Add Comments
    If you are travelling for work to somewhere that has a different time zone then communication with the office can be a little bit troublesome. The best way to handle this is for short trips keep your watch or clock on their original or home time zone so that it is much easier to communicate with people back at the office. However, on longer business trips your should change your watch or clock to the local time zone and simply remember how many hours you need to add or subtract from the time whenever you need to call the office or home.
  10. Keep Your Work Desk Organized        Add Comments
    Not only is a clean and tidy desk the sign of a worker that is organized and has good management skills but you will also be more efficient in finding and keeping on top of all your work tasks. Another added benefit of a clean work desk is that you will find that it is a much happier environment for you to work in.
  11. Keep An Organized Filing System        Add Comments
    When you have completed a project or job at work you should store it away so that you can refer to it very easily in the future. This is where an organized filing system comes into play and you should implement such a system for all of your emails and within the folders on your computer, as well as having a dedicated filing cabinet for all of your paper documents. If you don't do this then you will waste a lot of time at work looking for old emails, files or documents.

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