Time Management at Work

Time Management at Work

The pressures of the modern work place are getting greater with every passing year. Employers want more things done in less time and this is leading to an increase in workplace stress. In order to cope with these increased demands you should use effective time management at work so that you can not only impress your boss but also reduce your own stress levels.

  1. Avoid Being Rushed In The Mornings        Add Comments
    For some people mornings are always a total rush because they lack effective time management skills. If this is the case then you can save time in the morning by getting all lot of things ready the night before. Preparing things such as your lunch, having your clothes laid out, bags packed by the door and even your breakfast partially prepared will not only save time but will also make your mornings much more stress free.
  2. Managers Should Track Employees Hours Effectively        Add Comments
    Managers of an office should have a time clock installed and set up in the workplace. Doing this will allow them to instantly access who's been working on which project for how long and will also let them keep track of costs, scheduling and many other work details. This time management at work would normally take up a great deal of a manger's time, but it can now take only a fraction of the time with smart software in all office computers.
  3. Spend Time To Plan Your Work Day        Add Comments
    Before you begin work for the day you should spend a few minutes to plan your business time properly so that you will be more efficient and productive. When you do this make sure that you are realistic about what you can actually accomplish in a day and prioritise the tasks so that you do the most important jobs first.
  4. Reduce Interruptions At Work        Add Comments
    If you are sick and tired of being interrupted by other employees at work you should take steps to reduce these interruptions at work. The best way to go about doing this is to move your desk around so that people who pass by your door cannot catch your eye as they walk past and hence save them from unnecessarily interrupting you.
  5. Only Read Work Documents Once        Add Comments
    If you are reading a business or work document (particularly a long document) then you should always read it with a highlighter in your hand. This way you can easily mark the important parts of the document immediately and save time at work by avoiding the need to re-read all of the document later.
  6. Ensure Work Phone Calls Are Productive        Add Comments
    You should prepare for business phone calls by making a short list of what you need to talk about before you call someone. This ensures that you will be more productive at work and that you won't forget anything and waste more work time by having to call them back later.
  7. Avoid Frustration By Saving Work Regularly        Add Comments
    Whether you are using the computer at home or at work make sure that you always save your work every 10-15 minutes. This will save you time and untold frustration if you have to do it all again in the event of the computer freezing or sudden power outage. A good idea is to enable the auto-save feature so that you don't forget to save the document, but it is always a good habit to save it yourself manually and not rely on the autosave feature working properly.

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