Speed Cleaning Tips & Time Savers

Speed Cleaning Tips & Time Savers

You can spend a lot of time cleaning your house only to find that in a few days time it all needs doing again. The never ending house cleaning cycle can really wear you down and this is why you need to make the most of speed cleaning tips that allow you to get the job done in half the time, giving you more time to spend on looking after yourself.

  1. Multi-tasking Is The Best Way To Save Time        Add Comments
    A great speed cleaning tip is to multi-task and do two things at once. With a little bit of thought you can come up with lots of ways to multi-task around the home, like when you mop the floor use your kitchen rubbish bin as the bucket so that your garbage bin gets washed out at the same time.
  2. Speed Up Laundry Washing By Pre-sorting Clothes        Add Comments
    A great time saving tip is to pre-sort your dirty clothes as you place them into your laundry hamper. Simply use one large mesh bag for light coloured clothes and one for dark clothes. Then when it comes time to do the laundry you can do speed cleaning by simply dumping the bag's contents into the washing machine, adding powder and turning the machine on.
  3. Keep Your Linen Cupboard Organized        Add Comments
    When you are storing your bed sheet sets in your linen cupboard place them all together in one of the pillowcases. By doing this your linen cupboard will be more organized and the whole sheet set will remain together so you will save time when it comes to making the beds.
  4. Clean Your Bathroom After A Shower        Add Comments
    A practical and easy speed cleaning tip is to wipe down the walls and mirrors of your bathroom straight after you or your partner has taken a hot shower. By doing this you will find that all of the surfaces are much easier to clean because the steam from the shower has loosened up the dust and dirt.
  5. Set Time Limits For Each Cleaning Task        Add Comments
    Often you will start to clean one small area in your house and then get into cleaning mode and spend more than an hour on that one particular area. If this sounds like you then it is time to start setting time limits for each cleaning task, otherwise you will never get all of your cleaning jobs done on time. The best way to stop this from happening is to simply use an egg timer to set a time limit for each cleaning task and then move on to the next task when the timer goes off.
  6. De-clutter Your House To Save Time Cleaning        Add Comments
    To help with speed cleaning around your house you should look at how much stuff you have and, where possible, de-clutter your home. By doing this not only will your home look a lot neater but with few fewer things to clean it will take you a lot shorter time to clean everything.
  7. Easy Way To Clean Stainless Steel Appliances        Add Comments
    If your kitchen has lots of stainless steel appliances in it then removed all of the marks and making them look like new can be time consuming. However a good cleaning tip to simply wipe them down with a cloth dipped in vinegar and then dry them with a towel and the shine will come straight back.
  8. Re-arrange Furniture To Make Cleaning Easier        Add Comments
    Arrange the furniture in your house in such a fashion that the vacuum cleaner, broom or mop will easily fit underneath and around any corners on the furniture. This time saving trick will help to speed up the cleaning of your house by ensuring that you are not wasting time moving the furniture every time you mop, sweep or vacuum.
  9. Keep Your Cleaning Supplies Handy        Add Comments
    A good way of ensuring that house cleaning chores do not build up and become overwhelming is to tidy and clean up after yourself as you go about your daily duties. In order to do this it is imperative that your cleaning supplies and equipment is all together in one easy to access place.
  10. Always Clean Rooms From High To Low        Add Comments
    If you have decided to clean an entire room then it is important that you begin by cleaning up high first (ie: cobwebs, walls, high cupboards, etc) and then work your way down to the lower benches and finally the floor. By doing this you will not be forced to clean the lower surfaces again and again from fallen dust, crumbs and liquids.
  11. Do All Dry Cleaning Before Wet Cleaning Tasks        Add Comments
    You will make the speed cleaning of your home much quicker and more effective if you do all of your dry cleaning, like dusting, sweeping and wiping first before you begin any sort of wet cleaning like mopping. This is because the more dust and dirt you can remove before you wash surfaces with water the less streaks you will leave behind on surfaces.

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