Tips For Using Bath Salts

How To Use Bath Salts

There is nothing more relaxing and better for tired, aching muscles than having a long, hot bath. Also by simply adding bath salts to the bath you can enhance the relaxation experience and get a great health benefit as well. There are many practical tips that you should know when using bath salts, particularly if you are going to save money by making your own.

  1. Choosing The Right Type Of Bath Salt        Add Comments
    On the market today you will find that there are many different types of bath salts available, so you need to make sure that you choose the right one in order to get good results. Beware of bath salts that contain solar or rock salt because it does not have any great benefit and can actually dry your skin out because they are made up of sodium chloride. For best results look for bath salts that contain essential trace elements like epsom or dead sea salts.
  2. Using Bath Salts For Total Relaxation        Add Comments
    For a really relaxing bath that rejuvenates your whole body place some store bought or homemade bath salts into your tub as it fills up with warm water. Then immerse your whole body in the water and soak yourself for at least 20 minutes in order to get that feeling of total relaxation.
  3. The Best Bath Salts For Skin Rejuvenation        Add Comments
    It is important that you get the best bath salts if you are looking to have a total skin rejuvenation experience. In order to do this you should purchase either dead sea salts or epsom salts because they are the best at rejuvenating your skin. Actually a combination of the two is actually the best type of salt bath that you can have, but it can be difficult to find.
  4. The Benefits Of Dead Sea Salt Baths        Add Comments
    It has been known for centuries that the Dead Sea salt is good for you and acts as a great natural healing product. This is because dead sea salts have a much higher proportion of important minerals in it than normal sea salt. Soaking in dead sea bath salts has a number of benefits ranging from anti ageing skin rejuvenation and relieving tired muscles through to simply improving your general well being.
  5. The Benefits Of An Epsom Salt Bath        Add Comments
    There are a number of different benefits that you can get by having a relaxing epsom salt bath. This is because epsom salts contain the naturally occurring mineral magnesium sulphate, which is an electrolyte that helps to alleviate pain throughout the whole body, promote general well being and relieve skin irritations.
  6. Using Epsom Salt To Relieve Itching From Shingles        Add Comments
    The magnesium sulphate that is found in an epsom bath salt can be absorbed through the skin when bathing. This means that adding epsom salts to your bath is extremely beneficial for reducing inflammation and relieving the itching and other symptoms of shingles.
  7. How To Make Your Own Bath Salts        Add Comments
    Use this easy to follow recipe if you want to make your own bath salts which will save you money and you can use for a relaxing bath at home. In a bowl mix together the following ingredients :
    2 cups Dead Sea Salt, which is therapeutic and rich in mineral trace elements.
    2 cups Course Sea Salt, which provides a nice texture for good skin care.
    2 cups White Cosmetic Clay, which is invigorating and full of natural clay minerals.
    1 cup Epsom Salt, that is good for sore feet, aching muscles, sprains and bruises.
    1 cup Baking Soda, which will soothe minor skin irritations and itching.
    ½ teaspoon of fragrant Essential Oil. Choose whichever scent will make your skin care product appealing, such as ylang ylang, rose or lavender.
  8. Use An Epsom Salt Bath After Exercise        Add Comments
    Soaking in a nice, warm bath in which you have added ½ cup of epsom salts is a great thing to do after you have done long periods of exercise or strenous work. This because the epsom salts help to draw out the lactic acid that is stored in your muscles after exercise, and hence help to reduce the severity of any muscle aches and pains.
  9. Treat Sprains & Bruises With An Epsom Salt Bath        Add Comments
    Whenever you have received a sprained ankle, wrist or other joint you can help to reduce the swelling of the sprain by soaking it in an epsom salt bath. You can also use the epsom salt bath to treat any bruises that you have on your body and help them to heal faster.
  10. When Hot Salt Baths Are Bad For You        Add Comments
    Hot salt baths are great for relaxing your body and soothing tired muscles but there are occasions when they are bad for you. For instance you should avoid taking a hot bath, with or without bath salts, if you suffer from diabetes, arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure or a weak heart, because the elevated temperature can cause serious health problems.

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