Uses of Table Salt In The Kitchen

Uses of Table Salt In The Kitchen

Everybody knows that salt can be used in the kitchen to help food taste better, but not many people know that there are also a range of other uses for salt in the kitchen area. So ideas to save money has made a list of these little known kitchen uses for salt so that you can make the most of this popular condiment.

  1. Use Salt To Clean Food From Burnt Frypans        Add Comments
    If you have food that gets burnt onto the bottom of your frypan or saucepan when you are cooking in the kitchen then an easy way to remove it is to cover the burnt food with vinegar and a tablespoon of table salt. Leave this mixture on the saucepan or frying pan overnight and then wipe the it clean in the morning with a damp kitchen cloth.
  2. A Natural Way To Clean Brass, Silver & Copper        Add Comments
    You can use a paste made from table salt and vinegar to effectively and easily clean metal objects and utensils that are made of brass, silver or copper. All you need to do is to simply use a soft cloth to place some of the paste onto the metal object, rub it around from a minute or two, rinse the object under cold water and then thoroughly dry it.
  3. Remove Grimy Deposits From Your Kitchen Drain        Add Comments
    You can easily deodorise and remove the grimy deposits in your kitchen and laundry drains without the need for harsh chemicals by using salt. What you need to do is to mix ½ cup of salt together with 1 cup of boiling water, pour this mixture down the drain and then run hot water down the drain for 1 minute.
  4. Deodorize Your Chopping Board Using Salt        Add Comments
    If you have a chopping board in your kitchen that has a really bad smell of onion, garlic or meat then a great way to deodorize it safely is to rub the chopping board vigorously with a damp cloth that has been dipped in some ordinary table salt.
  5. Clean Smelly Kitchen Sponges With Salt Water        Add Comments
    If you have a dirty and smelly kitchen sponge or cloth then you can save money by cleaning and deodorizing it rather than replacing it with a new one. All you need to do is rinse the kitchen sponge or cloth first and then soak it for ½ hour in cold salt water to thoroughly clean it and remove any bad smells.
  6. Use Salt In Non-stick Frypans        Add Comments
    If you have a non-stick frypan in your kitchen and you like to cook with it then you can ensure that food does not stick to it by using salt. Simply coat the bottom of the non-stick pan with salt water before heating it and this will not only stop food sticking but will also reduce the amount of smoke given off during cooking.
  7. Naturally Clean Burnt Food From Your Oven        Add Comments
    When you are cooking using your oven sometimes food will spill over and get burnt onto the bottom of the oven. When this happens you can easily clean it by simply putting some water on the burnt food whilst the oven is still warm and then sprinkle some salt over it. After the oven cools down you can then easily wipe it up leaving the oven clean.
  8. Clean Your Coffee Maker Using Salt        Add Comments
    Another great use of table salt around your kitchen is to safely and effectively clean the stains and marks from your coffee machine. Simply add 4 tablespoons of ordinary table salt to the machine and then turn it on as if you where making a pot of coffee. Doing this will leave your coffee machine clean and refreshed.
  9. Best Way To Extinguish Small Fat Fires In The Kitchen        Add Comments
    If you are cooking in your kitchen and a small fire breaks out because some fat or oil that you are using catches fire then you can safely extinguish the flames by throwing salt onto it. Do NOT ever put water onto a fire from oil or grease because it will spit hot oil everywhere and actually accelerate the fire.
  10. Stop Your Kitchen Salt Shaker Blocking Up        Add Comments
    If you have a salt shaking in your kitchen or on your dining table that is forever getting blocked up then you can enable easy pouring from the salt shakers by simply adding a few grains of rice in the shaker before you fill it up with salt.

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