Household Uses For Salt

Household Use For Salt

Everyone needs a little bit of help around the house from time to time and when you come across a useful tip that makes your daily life a bit easier you are very grateful. Even simple household tips such as using a cheap and readily available product like salt to clean around the home is very handy indeed.

  1. Remove Stubborn Stains From Bath        Add Comments
    If you want to remove stubborn stains from around your bath tub without the need for harsh chemical cleaners then you can rub the stains gently with a lemon that has been cut in half and then dipped in common table salt.
  2. Remove Red Wine & Ink Stains From Carpet        Add Comments
    There is nothing worse than spilling a glass of red wine or a bottle of ink on your carpet, particularly if you have a light coloured carpet. It is good to know, however that you can easily remove the stain if you cover it with an ample amount of salt and then leave the salt there overnight in order to soak up all of the stain. Then simply vacuum the salt up from the carpet in the morning.
  3. Use Salt To Deodorise Shoes        Add Comments
    If you are the sort of person that suffers from foot odour and has smelly shoes as a result you can use common table salt as a cheap and effective way of deodorising your shoes, Simply sprinkle some salt into your shoes at night before you go to bed and then empty it out in the morning for fresh and deodorised shoes.
  4. Naturally Stop Ants Entering Your House        Add Comments
    You can use salt to stop ants from coming into your home without the need for chemical powders or sprays. To use salt as a natural ant stopper simply sprinkle it on the ant trails or wherever they like to enter the house from and they will not cross this barrier.
  5. Clean Your BBQ Naturally Using Salt        Add Comments
    If you want to make cleaning your BBQ hot plate and grill after use much easier then you should sprinkle a handful of ordinary table salt onto the BBQ whilst it is still very hot. Then all you need to do is to allow the BBQ to cool and wipe it clean with a damp cloth or newspaper.
  6. Enhance The Colour Of Clothes During Washing        Add Comments
    If you doing your laundry and are washing a load of coloured clothes you can add ½ cup of salt to the washing in order to enhance the colours of the clothes. The reason why this happens is because salt is used to set the coloured dye in the manufacturing process and it works particularly well with new or recently bought coloured clothes.
  7. Stop Wicker Baskets & Furniture Turning Yellow        Add Comments
    If you have wicker baskets or wicker furniture they will over time turn yellow. The best way to go about stopping wicker furniture from turning yellow is by scrubbing them with salt water and then allowing them to dry in the sun.
  8. Kill Weeds Naturally Using Salt        1 Comments
    A great way to save money and reduce your need to buy chemical herbicides is to use salt for killing the weeds that grow along the cracks in your pavement, footpath or driveway. All you need to do is to spray the weeds with a highly concentrated salt water solution, or wipe a paste made from salt and water over them, and then pull the dead weeds out after a few days.
  9. Naturally Kill Poison Ivy With Salt        Add Comments
    If you have ever had poison ivy in your garden you will know how much of a real pest it can be. The good thing for you and your garden is that you can cheaply and easily kill it by pouring a solution of 1 cup salt dissolved in 2 litres of hot water over it. The new growth of the poison ivy is most vulnerable to this solution, but the rest of the plant will also die after a period of time.
  10. Kill Snails & Slugs Using Salt        Add Comments
    If when you are gardening you come across any snails and slugs you can easily kill them using salt. Simply place them into a container and pour salt onto them and watch them actually disappear. You may also want to read about all of the other ways that you can go about killing and removing snails and slugs from your garden.
  11. Shine Tarnished Silverware Without Chemicals        Add Comments
    If whilst cleaning out your cupboards and drawers you come across some tarnished silverware then you can try this cheap and easy polishing use for salt. If you simply rub the silverware with some salt you will soon bring back to life the item with a chemical-free shine.

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