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Many people go through their whole life struggling to save any money. As soon as they earn money they have spent it all and never end up putting aside anything for a rainy day. If this sounds like you then you need to learn how to save up money and the practical tips that are featured below can really help you to increase your savings and become more financially independent.

  1. Save By Setting Aside Money Every Week        Add Comments
    One of the best ways to save up money is to start putting aside $5 or $10 every week into a money box that you can't access. This way by the end of the year you will have enough money to buy all of your Christmas presents. Also you don't get a large amount of expenses in December and you may even have money left over to buy yourself or your loved ones something special for Christmas.
  2. Don't Underestimate The Power Of A Piggy Bank        Add Comments
    One of the best ways to accumulate and save money is to use saving tips like buying yourself a cute piggy bank that you can't break into and adding money to it at the end of every day. A good idea is to have two piggy banks, one where you put major amounts like $1 or $2 coins which will quickly add up to a significant amount and the other for little change which is useful for garage sales and parking meters.
  3. Having Goals Will Help You To Save        Add Comments
    Whenever you are saving up money always make sure that you have a savings target or goal that you wish to achieve. You will find that if you are saving for something in particular then it will make the sense of achievement at the end all the more worth while. Another good idea to adhere to is to always ensure that you are saving for something that you actually NEED.
  4. Change Your Mindset From Debt To Savings        Add Comments
    One of the best saving tips that you will ever learn is to get into a frame of mind where you favour saving over debt. Saving is where you buy and pay for something using money that you have accumulated, whilst debt is where you buy something now with money you don't have and then pay it off later. Don't dismiss debt altogether, though, because debt can however be a very useful financial tool if you use it to purchase an appreciating asset such as a house or land.
  5. Set Yourself A Weekly Spending Allowance        Add Comments
    If you set yourself a spending allowance or limit each week and then stick to it you will find that you are able to save up money much easier. For example you can withdraw $200 each week and that it all that you are allowed for the week to spend on discretionary items. Also any money that is left over from your weekly allowance can be saved up and used to buy yourself a special reward every few months.
  6. Pay Less Tax On Interest Earned        Add Comments
    If you are married and, more importantly, trust each other completely then there is a simple way that you can pay less tax on any interest that you earn from your bank accounts. All you have to do is to have the saving account in the name of the person who earns the least amount of money and the interest that you earn will be much lower or possibly even zero.
  7. Choose A Balance Between Saving And Investing        Add Comments
    It is important for your personal savings plan that you know the difference between saving and investing and use both of them wisely according to your own personal situation. Saving in putting you money away knowing that you will get it all back plus a small amount of interest, whereas investing is risking that money knowing that you may not get it all back, but will potentially get a lot bigger return much more quickly. Having a balance of each is important to your savings plan, however as you get older your financial strategy should favour savings more than investing.
  8. Open A Savings Reward Bank Account        Add Comments
    To help you save up money faster take advantage of tips like choosing a savings account that has incentives to help you save. For example some bank accounts will reward you with extra interest every month that you DON'T withdraw any money out of it. By opening up this sort of savings reward account you will still have access to your money if you really need to, but will think twice before taking it out and spending it needlessly.
  9. Make Sure Savings Work Hard For You        Add Comments
    If you want to maximize the return on your hard earned savings then you should consider putting your money into an online savings account. This is because these type of accounts generally have the highest interest rates around and the security that only a large bank can provide you with. To access your money you will have to transfer your money online into a normal bank account but it is well worth the trouble for the higher returns.

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