How To Take The Lemon Juice Detox Diet

Lemon Juice Detox Diet

If you want to know how to take the lemon juice detox diet you simply mix palm and maple syrups with a dash of cayenne pepper and lots of fresh lemon juice in order to make a sort of lemon syrup. This is then consumed regularly with the syrup providing you with the energy that you need and the lemon juice helping to flush out your body. Actually the lemon syrup solution provides your body with only about ¼ of you daily energy needs, so if you don't consume any other food, as the diet suggests, then you will definitely loose weight, but may also suffer from a slower metabolism and loss of muscle. For this reason many people still eat a light meal after consuming the lemon syrup in order to provide them with the extra energy that they need on a daily basis.

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    H Jamison says:Reply to Comment »
    Wed 4th July 2012, 16:47:45

    I think that I will give this diet a go and see how it turns out.