Save Money On Family Activities At Home

Family Activities At Home

When times are a little bit tough you may want to cut back on family entertainment, but be aware that there are lots of different things that you can do in order to save money on your family activities at home.

  1. Have A Dinner Party At Your Home        Add Comments
    Instead of going out for dinner a great way to save money is to invite your friends or relatives over to your home and get everybody to bring something to eat. This cuts out the cost of an expensive night out but still provides a fun family activity that everyone can enjoy.
  2. Save Money By Renting Entertainment For Home        Add Comments
    Instead of spending money on entertainment by going out to the movies you can save lots of money by renting DVDs and Blu-ray movies. You can also rent computer games from your local store instead of wasting money on buying the game, because once your kids have mastered the game it pretty much becomes useless. Doing this is not only much cheaper and more convenient but also creates a warm family atmosphere with the kids and even teenagers.
  3. A Scavenger Hunt Is Good Family Fun        Add Comments
    For parents who have young children you will always be looking few cheap ways to keep them entertained and having a scavenger hunt or hiding easter eggs in your backyard or home is a great way to do this. For this kids holiday activity you can hide normal household items or even painted hard boiled eggs and then watch as the children have fun searching for them.
  4. Have A Family Theatrical Production At Home        Add Comments
    A great family activity that doesn't cost anything is to get the kids to put on a theatrical production or dancing show for the family or relatives. Children are naturally exhibitionists and love performing in front of others. You can also keep the kids busy for weeks leading up to the show with rehearsals and designing the costumes that they are going to wear.
  5. Save Money By Making Your Own Playdough        Add Comments
    You can save money on kids entertainment by making your own play dough for your kids and toddlers to play with at home. Simply mix together 300g plain flour, 150g salt, 30g cream of tartar, 30ml vegetable oil and a few drops of food colouring in a bowl. Then slowly add water until the mixture creates a firm dough. At this point you need to knead the dough until it is easy to work with and then give it to the kids to enjoy. This home made playdough is chemical free and entirely safe for young kids to play with or even eat (which is probably what they will do with it).
  6. How To Make Your Own Green Slime        Add Comments
    You can save a lot of money by making you own green slime for the kids to play with, preferably in the backyard where they can't make too much mess. Just add green food dye and ⅓ cup cornflour to 2 cups of boiling water and stir the mixture continuously until it is consistent. Let the green slime cool down and then give it to the kids to play with.
  7. Make Your Own Finger Paint For Kids        Add Comments
    To save money on a fun kids activity you can easily make your own finger paint at home. Simply mix 1 tablespoon of cornflour with a little water until you get a thick, milky paste. Then pour in some boiling water whilst stirring quickly and continue doing this until the paste turns thick, clear and smooth. You can add colour that you like to the mixture, preferably using either some non-toxic dye or food colouring. Allow the finger paint to cool before letting your children use it on a large scrap book.
  8. Get Your Family To Enter Free Competitions        Add Comments
    You should keep your eye out for free competitions that your family and kids can enter. These sort of competitions are more frequent during school holiday periods and they are a great source of cheap family entertainment. If you actually end up winning something then it will really make your day.
  9. Save Money By Making Christmas Decorations        Add Comments
    In the lead up to Christmas you can do many fun family activities that will also save your family money. For example you can make some of your own Christmas tree decorations or even table decorations if you are having Christmas dinner at your place. Some things you may want to try are making colourful christmas paper link chains, gluing glitter to plain christmas tree ball ornaments, making your own christmas wreath or creating christmas pictures to display in your home's windows.
  10. Save Money By Reading Your News Online        Add Comments
    Rather than buying magazines and newspapers you should try to get all of the members of your household to read some or all of their news and celebrity gossip online. Doing this will save you lots of money each week and also means that you won't have lots of paper to recycle.
  11. Have The Family Make A Bird Feeder Ball        Add Comments
    You can keep the kids entertained at home by making a bird feeder ball. The whole family will also enjoy watching all the various birds that come to eat from the ball once it is finished. Simply melt a block of lard or fat and then mix some bird seed and breadcrumbs into it. Let the mixture cool down and then mould it around 1 end of a piece of string and let it harden completely. Finally attach the bird feeder ball to your clothes line or a tree in your backyard and watch the birds that it attracts.
  12. Create A Fun Obstacle Course At Home        Add Comments
    Create a fun obstacle course in your own house or backyard, which will not only teach your kids how to run, climb and slide but also will tire them out. For the obstacle course you can use many different items around your home like a small slide, coffee table, pile of pillows, tub of plastic balls, old mattress, etc. You may have to guide them along the course initially, but after that you can watch them have fun going around the course again and again.

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