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It can be a difficult task to keep your kids entertained, particularly during the school holidays, which seem to come around all too often. Sitting them in front of the TV is not really a great solution, this is why ideas to save money has come up with a list of activities and games that are educational as well as enjotable for the kids.

  1. Play Knowledge Based Board Games        Add Comments
    There are lots of different knowledge based board games on the market that are very educational for kids of all ages. Some of the more popular games include Trivial Pursuit, TriBond, Cranium, Scrabble, Upwords, Game of Knowledge and the scene it DVD game. You can use these games to create an enjoyable family activity at home that has the added incentive for teenagers to learn by giving them the opportunity to beat mum and dad.
  2. Perform Science Experiments At Home        Add Comments
    One of the best educational activities for teenagers and students is for you to perform basic nature or science experiments at home with them. These experiments can be simple like growing carrot tops on wet cotton wool, cutting potatoes in quarters planting the pieces and watching them grow, observing what happens when you mix oil and water or tasting foods with a peg on your nose so that you can't smell.

    Alternatively you can do more challenging chemistry and physics experiments like getting a hard boiled egg to be sucked into a bottle using the vacuum creating by a burning piece of paper or creating a volcano from a mixture of vinegar and baking soda. These types of experiments will not only expand the students brains but will also help to create an interest in science within your children.
  3. Write Letters To Family Members        Add Comments
    In this day and age the old fashioned art of writing a letter has disappeared and kids hand-writing skills are suffering because of it. Take a little bit of time and convince your teenagers and young children to write a paper letter to friends and members of your family who live a long way away. The hand written correspondence will not only be much appreciated by your distant relatives but will also teach your children all about good grammar, written communication and how to have neat and legible hand writing.
  4. Play Fun Educational Games On The Computer        Add Comments
    Nowadays you can download, buy or play online lots of fun computer games that are educational for your kids. There is a wide variety of different computer games available, from early childhood learning activities that teach your kids all about numbers and the alphabet right through to more advanced student games that help your children with subjects like maths, science, history and geography. It is very important, however, that you monitor your kids time on the computer to ensure that they are playing the educational games and not wasting their time doing other things.
  5. Get Kids To Learn Their Multiplication Tables        1 Comments
    One of the best and most popular educational activities that will increase early childhood learning of things like the multiplication tables is to stick a chart on the back of the toilet door. Not it doesn't necessarily have to be a chart of the times tables that you stick to the door, it can be anything that requires repetition to learn. By doing this your kids will be forced to look at it on a daily basis and before you know it they will known them by heart.
  6. Take Your Kids To Interactive Museums        Add Comments
    It can be very difficult at time to get your kids to attend a normal museum because they can sometimes be seen as boring and too factual. If this is the case with your children then get then to attend an interactive museum like scienceworks or the national sports museum. Students and teenagers really love to go to science works and other interactive museums because they are full of fun activities and things to experience first hand. Teens, students, kids and toddlers will be so busy having fun that they won't even know that they are learning at the same time.
  7. Game For Teaching Kids The Alphabet Letters        Add Comments
    Parents of toddlers and young children should take some time to play an educational game that teaches them all about the letters of the alphabet. All you need to do is to write a particular letter onto several sticky post-it notes and then get the child to go around the house and place a post-it note onto any object that they think begins with that letter. Reward them with lots of praise when they get an object right and point out what an object actually starts with when they get one wrong.
  8. Fun Educational Word Game For Children        Add Comments
    You can make your own fun educational game for children by writing out a common phrase or sentence onto a piece of paper, cutting it up into separate words and then jumbling all of these separate words up. Then get your child to put all of the words back together to make the original phrase or sentence. For an added variation to the game see if they are able to make other phrases using the same combination of words.
  9. Teach Your Children About Your Work        Add Comments
    One of the best educational activities that is relatively easy on you is to teach your children a little bit about what you do at work. For example if you are a cook then teach them about cooking preparation or if you work with computers then teach them how to use or put together a computer. Kids always look up to their parents and will really enjoy learning more about what you do for work.
  10. Make A Game Of Organizing Kids Work        Add Comments
    A very important skill that is not only useful for kids in school but also later in their teenage and adult life is to teach them how to organize their jobs or homework. If they learn from an early age to list what needs to be done and then how to prioritize them so that the most important jobs get done first then they will not only be better students but also more productive with their time when they enter the workforce.
  11. Teach Kids How To Search The Internet Properly        Add Comments
    Nowadays you will find that lots of education activities require students to search the internet for information, especially things like school projects. The internet can be a great benefit for this type or research, however you must teach your children how to do it properly and stress to them that not everything that they find on the internet is true. Also you should make sure that they have good time management skills, which includes limiting the amount of time spent searching for things on the internet. This is because the temptation to waste time searching for non school related information can sometimes be too great for students and young children.

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