Free Entertainment Ideas For The Family

Free Entertainment Ideas

Trying to keep the whole family entertained can not only be a difficult job but also can cost you a lot of money. For this reason we have come up with some interesting and fun family entertainment activities that are free or whill be able to save you a lot of money.

  1. Have A Picnic At Your Local Park        Add Comments
    You can get free family entertainment and enjoy a really fun activity by going to one of your local parks or gardens and having a relaxing picnic lunch. You can save lots of money by packing your own food and drinks, as well as taking a football or bat and ball and get some much needed exercise in the great outdoors.
  2. Save Money Exercising Locally With A Friend        Add Comments
    If you are under-utilising your gym membership consider going to your local park with a friend for exercising. Most parks will have bars & other facilities for exercises that you can use for free. Also you will be much more motivated and have more fun if you go exercising with a friend who lives nearby.
  3. Check Out Free Entertainment At Museums & Galleries        Add Comments
    Most major cities will generally have free entertainment and fun activities for the entire family at museums and/or art galleries. Such places will provide quiet enjoyment and pleasant entertainment for parents, as well as fun yet educational activities for your kids and teenagers.
  4. Movie Memberships Provide Various Free Offers        Add Comments
    If you and your family are movie buffs and love going to see movies on the big screen then you should consider becoming a member at your favourite movie cinema. This is because being a member of a cinema will normally entitle you to cheaper tickets, priority service and special offers such as buy 1 get 1 free.
  5. Take Budget Outdoor Holidays Or Excursions        Add Comments
    For a memorable, low budget holiday or weekend activity with the kids go camping, fishing or for a hike in the woods. Even teenagers outdoor activities and this form of free entertainment is not only fun and healthy but also provides a great way of bonding with your children.
  6. Look For Free City Or Museum Tours        Add Comments
    Taking the family and kids on a tour around the city or to a museum is a wonderful way to teach them lots of useful information, as well as letting them know that you don't have to spend lots of money to have fun. Most museums have free tours as well as regular days or evenings where admission is free or reduced, so check this sort of information out on their website before you go.
  7. Know Where To Find Information About Free Entertainment        Add Comments
    One of the best ways to find the important news and information about free entertainment at local events, festivals and organized activities in your area is to read your local council newsletters and newspapers. Some people simply throw them into the recycling but they are a useful source of information in free things to do. If you don't receive them then ring up your local paper and find out why not, or you may be able to pick up a copy from your local news agent, supermarket or milk bar.
  8. The Entertainment Book Provides Lots Of Free Offers        Add Comments
    If you are the sort of family that likes to go out regularly then you should consider purchasing a local Entertainment Book. These books are filled with numerous discount deals for restaurants, cinemas, DVD hire and entertainment venues, as well as family activity special offers like "buy 1, get 1 free" and "25% off" vouchers.
  9. Volunteer At Local Events And Concerts        Add Comments
    One of the best ways to see some or all of your local events, festivals and concerts is to volunteer your services. These types of local events are always looking for volunteers to help out and if you do so you will not only be helping out the community but will also be able to see a portion of the event for free.
  10. Save Money Going To The Movies        Add Comments
    Whilst this tip is not exactly free entertainment you will find that you can save money and get more value for your entertainment dollar if you take your family to a matinee movie. This is because ticket prices for movies, theatre performances and plays that are during the early afternoon are usually much cheaper than if you go and see them during the night time.
  11. Find The Cheapest Day For Each Entertainment Activity        Add Comments
    Whenever you are planning on taking the family out to see a movie, ten pin bowling or taking a tour always check first to see if there are any days on which this venue offers special discount deals. You will generally find that the cheapest days for going to these sorts of entertainment activities are during the week and whilst they may not be free it will allow you to get much better value for you family entertainment dollar.
  12. Take Your Own Food & Drinks To Outdoor Entertainment        Add Comments
    If you are taking the family out to a sporting event or outdoor performance then your can save a lot of money by taking along your own picnic food and drinks from home. There is nothing more overpriced and expensive than the food and drinks that they sell at sports stadiums and concerts, but you should check first the regulation about what can and can't be brought into certain venues (ie: glass bottles are generally banned).
  13. A Family Zoo Membership Can Save You Money        Add Comments
    If your children like animals of all sorts then you may be able to save a lot of money on entertainment by taking out a family zoo membership. These family memberships will allow you to visit either the same zoo many times throughout the course of the year or sometimes even a range of zoos throughout the year.
  14. Save Money On Transport To Outdoor Entertainment        Add Comments
    If you are taking the family out to any form of free entertainment then you can also save money on your transport. For more fun on your day out you can car-pool with like minded friends, walk, ride your bikes or take public transport to save money on parking fees & petrol.

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