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Activities For Kids Birthday

If you have ever tried to keep a group of toddlers or kids happy, active and entertained at a birthday party then you will know how much of a trying experience this can be. However, with a little bit of research, planning and forethought you can provide a variety of fun party activites and games that everyone will enjoy and relieves the stress on yourself.

  1. Kids Love Playing Hide And Seek        Add Comments
    At your kids birthday party the good old traditional game of hide and seek is a really fun activity that kids of all ages with enjoy. As an added variation to hide and seek you can play 'Sardines'. With this party game one person has to hide and all of the other kids have to search for them. Then as each person discovers the hiding person they have to hide with them, causing them to squeeze together in a small hiding place just like sardines in a can.
  2. Ideas For Themed Birthday Parties        Add Comments
    If you have a themed birthday party where all of the children have to dress up in appropriate costumes you will discover that the kids will need less structure play because they will invariably make up their own fun games. Some great ideas for themed kids birthday parties includes fairy costumes, princesses, dora the explorer or disney characters for a girls birthday and super heroes, bob the builder, thomas the train or fireman costumes for a boys birthday.
  3. Have A Lucky Dip At Your Kids Party        Add Comments
    Another great idea for kids party activity is to have a lucky dip. This not only gives the kids lots of fun and enjoyment but also allows you to give a little present to each of the children at the party and may even replace to need to hand out lolly bags to everyone at the end of the party. All you need to do for the lucky dip is to wrap up lots of little kids presents and then bury them in a large bin that is filled with shredded paper. You may even want to have 2 separate bins, one filled with presents for girls and the other filled with boy presents.
  4. Play Simon Says At Kids Parties        Add Comments
    A favourite game for children at a birthday party is 'simon says' because everyone can participate, it keeps them all occupied and it is easy to learn. All you need is one adult who is the leader and the kids have to do whatever this person does provided that they say 'simon says' *(ie: Simon says put you hands on your heads, etc). Children are eliminated from the game if they do an action but the leader didn't say 'simon says' (ie: Put your hands in the air, etc).
  5. Save Money Making Your Own Bubble Liquid        Add Comments
    Kids love to blow bubbles at parties and throughout the year and you can easily save money by making your own bubble liquid. All you need to do is to mix 200ml of washing detergent, 600ml of water and 50ml of glycerine into a container and stir gently. An extra tip is that if you leave the home-made bubble mixture overnight it will generally work much better. If you have any mixture left over from this cheap kids party activity then you can always use it during the school holidays.
  6. Play Musical Chairs At Kids Parties        Add Comments
    If you play a game of 'musical chairs' at you kids party you will find that it is still very popular and that all the kids will have lots of fun. A few useful tips for playing musical chairs is to always make sure that you use small plastic chairs and play the game either outside on the grass or inside on carpet. This way you will not have kids getting hurt or injured as they scramble for the last remaining chairs.
  7. Get Kids Dancing To Music At Your Party        Add Comments
    One of the best party activities for toddlers and young children is dancing to music. All kids are exhibitionists and even the shy kids will start dancing once they see all of the others doing it. So put on a CD of nursey rhymes and kids songs and watch all of the children tire themselves out dancing to their hearts content.
  8. Nursery Rhymes To Sing At Birthday Parties        Add Comments
    Getting the kids to sing and participate in interactive songs and nursery rhymes like 'Ring a Ring of Roses' is an ideal party activity for toddlers and for small children. This is because it not only keeps that entertained but also keeps them very active in performing the actions for the song. Other popular songs and nursery rhymes include Itsy Bitsy Spider, the Hokey Pokey, The Wheels On The Bus, I'm A Little Teapot, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Row Row Row Your Boat.
  9. Cushion Hopping Race For Kids Party        Add Comments
    An exciting and fun game for kids to play at a birthday party, or indeed any any time, is the cushion hopping race. This is where you give each child 2 pillows and get them to pick up an item at the other end of the room without putting a foot on the floor. They will need to stand on one pillow whilst picking up and throwing ahead of themselves the other pillow and then jumping across to it. This game is lots of fun and will teach the kids all about balance and coordination.

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