Cheap Games and Activities For Kids

Cheap Activities For Kids

For the busy parent who is sick and tired of their children saying 'I'm bored' then Ideas To Save Money has come up with a wide range of fun and cheap activities and games that are ideal for teenagers and younger kids. These entertainment activities are designed to not only keep the kids occupied but will also teach them some new and creative life skills and crafts.

  1. Reuse Butcher's Paper For Painting & Drawing        Add Comments
    If you want to keep the kids entertained at home on weekends or holiday then you should get some butchers paper and water colour paints and learn to paint together. By re-using scrap or butchers paper for this activity you can save some money on kids entertainment. Alternatively, to avoid the mess of painting you can use pencils or crayons and have a drawing competition amongst the children.
  2. Play Board & Card Games Instead Of Watching TV        Add Comments
    Instead of having the family sit around and watching TV on a regular basis you should get the board games out of the cupboard and have a fun game with the whole family. There are also hundreds of kids games and activities that you can teach the children to play with a single deck of cards.
  3. Let The Kids Help You Bake Cookies        Add Comments
    If you let the kids help you with some fun activities like baking you will be surprised by how much they learn about cooking. Kids really love spending time in the kitchen and having them help bake cookies or biscuits (and not just help you eating them) is a great bonding experience for you.
  4. Let The Kids Decorate A Cake        Add Comments
    An activity that is really fun and exciting for kids is cake decorating. So why not bake a cake and let your children's imagination and flair take over whilst decorating it with all sorts of different coloured icing and lollies.
  5. Help Your Kids Learn To Play Music        Add Comments
    One of the best ways to keep your kids occupied is to find a cheap musical instrument like a flute, harmonica, etc and have the children learn how to play a song or create their own music. If you are musically inclined yourself you can help them with playing the musical instrument, otherwise just download some simple simple tunes to play and have them try to play the tune on their chosen instrument. It is preferable with this kids entertainment to choose a musical instrument that is not too loud or annoying when it is played out of key for a long period of time.
  6. Learning To Juggle Is A Cheap Kids Activity        Add Comments
    You can teach the kids all about hand-eye coordination and keep them occupied for hours on end by having them learn how to juggle. It is best to get them some soft juggling balls that won't do any damage or roll away when they are dropped. Start be holding 2 balls in one hand and 1 ball in the other hand. Then throw 1 ball into the air from the hand with 2 balls and, whilst this ball is in the air, throw the ball from the hand with 1 ball into the air and catch the previous ball with that hand. Then continue this process maintaining only 1 ball in each hand at any time and 1 ball in the air. A good idea with this kids activity is to have them count how many catches they do each time before dropping a ball and then try to beat this number. Before they know it they will be juggling 10, 20 or even 30 times and having lots of fun in the process.
  7. Save Money By Having Teenagers Design Their Own T-shirts        Add Comments
    You can save a lot of money on buying expensive clothes for your teenagers as well as have them develop a real creative flair by getting them to make their own cool t-shirts to wear. All you need to do is to buy some cheap white T-shirts and then have your teenagers make creative patterns on them with either permanent dye or iron on transfers that you can easily buy online really cheaply.
  8. Get The Kids To Make A Holiday Scrapbook        Add Comments
    After you and your family have been on a holiday or been a part of a major event you can keep the kids entertained by having them make a scrapbook about it. Simply buy a blank book have your kids stick in into it all of the photos, brochures, entry tickets and elaborate descriptions about the holiday. This will also give you and your family something to look back on in the years to come.
  9. Get The Kids Involved With Home Renovations        Add Comments
    There are lots of basic home renovation ideas that you can do to improve the look of your home and keeping the kids entertained during this process is easy if you just let them help out on some of the more basic jobs. Kids love getting involved and you should encourage them to help you paint and decorate their own room, get dirty in the garden and hand you tools as you need them.
  10. Have A Nature Hunt For Kids At Home        Add Comments
    You can go on a nature hunt in your own backyard with the kids and not only keep them entertained for an afternoon but also teach them a lot about nature. All you need to do is to search for interesting looking insects, bugs, beetles, ants, worms and other creatures under piles of leaves, old bricks, wood and in the soil itself. Teach you children to look but don't touch and just be careful when turning over rocks, bricks or pieces of wood and ensure that there isn't anything dangerous like a red back spider.
  11. Use A Camera To Find Your Kids Artistic Side        Add Comments
    With digital cameras and video camcorders being so cheap you can really tap into your child's artistic side and teach them all about photography and movie making by letting them experiment with an old camera. Let them take some pictures of nature or things around the house and then make a slide show or short movie on the computer. You will be amazed with what they are able to come up with.
  12. Keep Children Entertained By Making Their Own Kite        Add Comments
    You can keep older kids entertained for hours by getting them to make and decorate their own kite. You can find instructions to do this easily on the web and after they have finished making the kite you can take it to a local park and teach them all about how to fly a kite properly (ie: only put back on the string when the nose of the kite is putting upwards so that it will climb higher into the air).
  13. Have The Kids Make Their Own Cubby House Or Fort        Add Comments
    You can keep the kids happy and occupied by creating a cubby house or fort in your own lounge or family room. The best objects to use for creating a cubby or fort is either large cardboard boxes or blankets that are stretched over chairs, sofas or other furniture.
  14. Camping In The Backyard Is An Exciting Activity        Add Comments
    If you want to teach the children about camping and nature without having to go away to a remote location then simply pitch a tent in your own backyard. You will find that the kids will love sleeping outside in sleeping bags and chatting all night long, without the need for electricity, a computer or TV.
  15. Having A Family Picnic Is A Cheap Activity        Add Comments
    A cheap activity that provides you with lots of relaxing time with the family is having a picnic. It will get you all out into the fresh air and you can choose to go to either a local park, the beach at sunset or take a drive to the countryside. A good picnic tip is to always pack a favourite food or drink for each member of the family so that they all look forward to this great outdoor experience.

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