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It can be an exciting and wonderous time bringing a new baby home from the hospital, but after a while the sleep deprivation can get to even the best prepared parent. This is why it is important to follow a consistent routine with your baby and also play lots of simple games and other activities for babies.

  1. Follow A Consistent Routine For Babies        Add Comments
    Babies love a routine and if you follow a consistent pattern throughout the day then you will find that they are much more content and happy. The best routine to follow is the feed, play and then sleep routine during the day so that your baby gets to know what will happen next. Be consistent with this routine and during the play time try to perform the same games, songs or activities for babies.
  2. Make Finger Puppets To Entertain Your Baby        Add Comments
    A free and easy game to keep babies entertained is to make your own finger or sock puppets and then put on your own show for them. This fun and interactive baby activity will not only have them giggling uncontrollably but will also go a long way to helping with their visual recognition.
  3. Make Your Own Bubble Blowing Mixture        Add Comments
    An exciting and fun activity that never ceases to keep young kids amazed is the simple act of blowing bubbles. Babies especially love to watch the bubbles float past them and you can save money by easily make your own bubble mixture. The recipe for making bubble blowing liquid is to combine 1 part dish washing liquid with 3 parts of water, and to make the bubbles last longer add add a dash of glycerol to the mixture.
  4. Babies Love Playing Peek A Boo        Add Comments
    A good way of teaching your newborn baby about recognizing different people's faces is to play a simple game of peek-a-boo with them. The good thing about this game is that you can play it anytime, in any place and you will love the many laughs, giggles and funny reactions that your baby gives you.
  5. Play Music To Your Newborn Baby        Add Comments
    You will find that there are lots of different music activities for babies which will keep them entertained, including you singing songs to them, having them play with musical toys or listening to relaxing music from am iPod or CD. Even new born babies love songs with a nice melody so at home or in the car consider tuning the radio into a music station and see how quiet they become and how intently they listen to the music.
  6. Babies Find Swimming Lots Of Fun        Add Comments
    Many babies enjoy being in the water and surrounded by the large expanses of a swimming pool. Also from about 6 months onwards babies can usually swim under water for a short distance and the earlier you introduce them to water the more confident they will be with swimming later on. If you are going to take your baby to a swimming pool, however, you should ALWAYS make sure that the instructors have proper swimming qualifications and that you always keep them within your reach.
  7. Babies Love Being Taken Out & About        Add Comments
    Parents of new born babies require time out for relaxation too, so if you are looking for activities that you can to do with a baby then consider going for a picnic in the park of to a cafe for brunch or coffee. Babies enjoy being out and about in the world and as a parent you only have a few months until they begin to crawl, after which time they won't be so content to simply lie in a portable baby carrier for an extended period of time.
  8. Get The Most From Your Baby Play Gym        Add Comments
    One of the best and most entertaining baby activities for newborns is to have them lie down on their back and interact with a play gym. However to ensure that your baby gets the most benefit from this activity you should purchase the right type of play gym. You should go for one that has a multitude of different colours because babies are attracted to different colour and a playgym that has a variety of different textured surfaces and toys that make various sounds.
  9. Large Building Blocks Help Your Baby's Development        Add Comments
    A great activity for older babies that teaches hand eye coordination, as well as helping with their motor skills and brain development is building with blocks. So buy your baby some large interlocking building blocks (small blocks are no good because they are a choking hazard for babies) and show them how to stack them one on top of the other.
  10. Check Out Free Entertainment At Your Local Library        Add Comments
    Many local libraries have free activities for babies on certain days including story time sessions and exciting visual performances. These free activities will not only keep your baby entertained but will also instil in them a love of books and reading.
  11. Personalize Nursery Rhymes For Your Baby        Add Comments
    You will find that all babies love the soothing melody of nursery rhymes and other popular children's songs. In order to make these songs personalized you should change the names in the nursery rhymes to the name of your baby or their brothers and sisters. Alternatively you can make up your own songs and personalize them by including your baby's name in them.

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