Finding A Tradesman or Building Contractor

Finding Tradesmen or Building Contractors

Whether you are renovating your house, doing an extension or building from scratch as an owner builder you will need to call on the services of a number of different trades people. You may find it difficult to find good and reliable tradesmen or building contractors but with a few useful and practical tips you can ensure that you not only save money on the building works but develop a good relationship with them if you ever need their services again in the future.

  1. Always Check Local References Of Tradesmen        Add Comments
    When you are needing to find a tradesman or building contractor to help with your home renovation you should always ask them for references of local people who they have done work for recently. If possible you should also visit these previous customers, ask them about the tradesman or company and inspect their completed work to see if it is of a good standard.
  2. Ensure Tradesmen Are Members Of Professional Associations        Add Comments
    You should always make sure that any specialist tradesperson or building contractor that you are using for your home renovation is a member of any necessary professional associations (ie: master builders association, master plumbers association, master electricians, NECA, etc). Their link to these associations gives you piece of mind because it means that they are a legitimate business, you have a contact point for complaint if something goes wrong and it also ensures that they have the appropriate insurances for their particular industry.
  3. Check That Building Contractors Have Trade Insurance        Add Comments
    Trade insurance is a must have for any building contractor that you choose to hire, especially electricians, plumbers, roofing specialists, builders and carpenters. Before you get any of them to work on your house you should ask them to show you a current insurance certificate, or alternatively there are industry bodies for each of these trades that you can contact and check whether or not a prospective trades person has the necessary trade insurances.
  4. Always Ask Tradesmen When They Can Start Your Job        Add Comments
    When a tradesman or building contractor gives you their quote always ask them how busy they are and when they think that they can start and complete your job. Armed with this little bot on knowledge you may decide to choose a tradesman who is a little bit more expensive provided that they can start the job straight away and save you time.
  5. Written Contract Checklist For Tradesmen & Contractors        Add Comments
    After you have decided which tradesperson or contractor you are going to use for your building works it is very important that you have a written contract in place between you and them. The following contractor checklist outlines what this contract should include:
    A thorough description of the work to be completed including the quantity, weight, colour, size and brand of the materials to be used.
    The agreed upon starting and completion dates.
    The total cost of the job.
    A payment schedule including any progress payments.
    Who is responsible for any rubbish removal if required.
  6. Don't Commit To Anything Until The Contract Is Signed        Add Comments
    Even though you may have decided who you are going to use you should never allow any work to begin until you have signed a contract between yourself and the trades person. Also you should definitely not give them any sort of deposit or money until the contract and all of the relevant conditions are clearly documented.
  7. Beware Of Really Cheap Renovation Quotes        Add Comments
    When you are choosing a tradesman or building contractor you should beware of any quote that comes in a lot cheaper then the other 2 or 3 quotes that you received. As a general rule you get what you pay for and a really cheap quote may be a sign that this trades person does poor quality work and will cut corners. If you are in doubt maybe get 1 or 2 more quotes to ensure that the other quotes weren't just really overpriced, or ask the contractor themselves why their price is so much less than everyone else.
  8. Get A Safety Certificate For All Electrical Work        Add Comments
    For certain professions and home renovation jobs, such as electrical wiring and plumbing, it is a legal requirement that you receive a compliance or safety certificate on completion of the work. These certificates are there to certify that all of their work complies with regulatory requirements, so always make sure that you get a certificate where appropriate.
  9. Being Punctual Helps Relationships With Tradesmen        Add Comments
    Tradesmen are not known for being punctual and reliable, however, there are a lot of good reliable tradesmen out there who are punctual and will get back to you on time. In order to create a good relationship with these tradesmen it is important that you don't waste their time by being late to arranged meetings or disorganized with your planning. If you treat them right then more often than not the trades person will do the right thing by you too.
  10. Do Research Before Engaging A Tradesperson        Add Comments
    Before you start trying to find a tradesman for the renovation or building work that you require you should do your own research about the job at hand. Doing this can save you money because the more that you know about the job, what it entails, what the potential problem areas are and how it is likely to be achieved the less likely you are to be ripped off or overcharged.

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