Reducing Home Renovation Costs

Save Money On Home Renovation Costs

Performing a small or large renovation on your property is a great way to increase its value, but at the same time you do not want to spend more money they you have to. So in order to ensure that you reduce your home renovation costs there are numerous helpful tips and practical advice listed here on ideas to save money.

  1. Best Way To Save Money On Tradesmen Quotes        Add Comments
    When working out home renovation costs you will invariably need to get a quote by a qualified tradesperson do specific jobs. When you do this it is always best to get 4 quotes instead of the usual 3 that most people recommend. This is because generally 1 of the tradespeople will either not bother to turn up to inspect what needs to be done, forget to actually give you the quote or be so busy that the final quote's costs are exorbitant and not realistic. When this happens you will still be left with 3 reasonable quotes from which to choose from and you won't have to waste time looking for more tradesmen or pay more money than the job is actually worth.
  2. When Hiring Renovation Tools Is Better Than Buying        Add Comments
    If you are planning to undertake specific tasks yourself in order to keep down home renovation costs then you may require a specialized tool to complete the job properly. In this situation if it is an expensive tool that you are not going to use more than once then you should consider hiring the tool instead of buying it. This will save you a lot of money and means that you can get things done in a much shorter period of time.
  3. Buy Discount Building Materials To Save On Your Renovation        Add Comments
    One of the best ways to save money when doing cheap renovations is to take advantage of the wide selection of good quality building materials available at auction clearance centres. You can usually get everything from tiles and bathroom fixtures right through to entire kitchens and appliances at these clearance warehouses. These auction centres generally sell items that are either brand new, ex-display, end of line items, second hand, factory seconds and surplus stock so you get excellent home renovation materials on the cheap. Another way to keep renovations cheap is to buy products through online websites like eBay or attend swap meets and exchange home renovation materials with other people.
  4. Get A Contractor Discount On Building Products        Add Comments
    As an owner builder or home handyman you can try to get a contractor discount on home improvement products and building supplies. This is because many hardware and building suppliers offer a 5, 10 or even 15 percent discount to tradespeople, so the next time that you are buying something mention that you are an owner builder or drop the name of your tradesman if you are purchasing new fixtures for them to install.
  5. Keep Costs Down By Choosing In Stock Products        Add Comments
    Whenever you are purchasing home renovation products, materials, fixtures or fittings you should try to choose in-stock items in order to keep the costs down. Retailers would prefer to empty their warehouses and therefore they are much more likely to give you cheap prices for their in-stock goods than if they have to specifically order in new stock for you.
  6. Don't Make Your Renovation Look Cheap        Add Comments
    When it comes time to select the finishing products for your home renovation like paint, cornice, fixtures, light fittings or tiles you should always buy good quality items and don't try and save a few dollars. If you cut corners on these items then you will end up with a inferior finish that makes you renovation look cheap, or even having to do it again costing you more money in the long run.
  7. Choose Materials That Keep Home Renovation Costs Low        Add Comments
    In order to save money and keep your home renovation costs low you should choose materials that still look good but don't cost the earth. Some ideas for saving money on your renovation costs include buying white coloured tiles with a coloured border tile instead of patterned tiles, glass benchtops instead of caeser stone, polyurethane instead of timber and many other mid priced fittings that are not cheap but also not expensive.

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