Ideas for Bathroom Renovations

Ideas for Bathroom Renovations

It may be one of the smallest rooms in the house but a nicely renovated bathroom can really make a property seem much more attractive and also add significant value to the house. Nobody likes using a dark and dingy bathroom, so find some great bathroom renovation ideas and make getting up in the morning fun with a light, bright and spacious bathroom.

  1. Create A Layout For Your New Bathroom First        Add Comments
    When working through the many ideas for bathroom renovations that you have you should take the time to work out a proper layout for your new bathroom before you begin any work. Take into account the current position of all your pipes and drains when doing this so that the final job doesn't involve as much work or expense. You can get lots of information about designing a bathroom by looking at your friends bathrooms or pictures of what other people have already done.
  2. Does Your Bathroom Renovation Need A Bath        Add Comments
    When designing your bathroom renovations do not make the assumption that a bath is not required, even if you don't need one. This is because when it comes to selling your house if you have a bath in your bathroom then your house will be much more appealing to a wider audience, especially families with children.
  3. Easiest Way To Fully Renovate Your Bathroom        Add Comments
    When you plan to completely renovate your bathroom then it is generally a good idea to strip the entire room down to the stud frame. Doing this will make it much easier to fix old & leaking pipes, rewire the electrical sockets and install new blueboard walls that are straight, which makes it much easier to lay new wall tiles.
  4. Choose A Bathroom Vanity To Suit Your Needs        Add Comments
    When you are choosing a bathroom vanity for your renovation consider how much counter space and storage space the vanity will provide. For example a pedestal sink may look trendy but it won't have any space to place your everyday items and might prove to be a bit of an inconvenience.
  5. Quick And Easy Ideas For Bathroom Renovations        Add Comments
    If you want some quick and easy ideas for bathroom renovations then you can do any of the following things. Replace the wall tiles with some light and colourful patterned tiles, replace the shower screen with a more modern style, install a larger mirror or change the lighting which is generally located above the mirror. A good choice of lights to make the bathroom more modern is a rod with 3 spotlights placed on it or sconces on either side of the mirror because this will provide lighting that will illuminate the entire face.
  6. Make Pipe Connections Water Tight With Teflon Tape        Add Comments
    You should use teflon tape for any pipe connections in your bathroom renovation to ensure that they are water tight and do not leak. Wrap the teflon tape 3 or 4 layers thick around the thread of the pipe, making sure to wrap it in the same direction as the pipe thread and then screw on the tap fitting. Don't wrap it in the wrong direction because if you do the tape will simply come undone when you tighten the connection. Also do not leave any of the white teflon tape hanging over the water outlet end of the connection as this may reduce the flow of water through the pipe.
  7. Copper Water Pipes Vs PVC Water Pipes        Add Comments
    When you need to install new water pipes in your bathroom you should consider the advantages and disadvantages of copper pipes vs PVC pipes. Copper water pipes are more traditional but will cost more, will require insulation on the hot water pipes and you have to ensure that they are secured firmly to the house frame so that you don't get water hammer from pressure surges when you turn the tap on or off. PVC water pipes are a much cheaper alternative for the hot and cold water in your bathroom renovations and will not produce and water hammer noise either.
  8. Bathroom Wall Insulation Will Reduce Noise        Add Comments
    If the shower in your bathroom shares a wall with your bedroom, living, family or dining room then you may want to put some form of sound proof insulation in that interior wall. Adding this insulation is a great way of reducing the amount of noise or bad singing that you can hear from this room when someone else is taking a shower.
  9. Protect Your Bath Or Hand Basin From Damage        Add Comments
    If you are working on your bathroom renovation around your newly installed bath, shower base or hand basin then it is a great idea to always cover it with an old sheet or blanket. This way you will protect it from chips, scratches and serious damage if you accidentally drop something heavy (like a hammer) onto them.
  10. Cover Drains During Bathroom Renovations        Add Comments
    Throughout your bathroom renovations you should always make sure that you cover the shower drain and put the plug in the bath or hand basin. This way you will be able to stop small screws, nails and general rubbish like grout and plaster from falling down the pipe and causing the drain to clog up later on.
  11. Cheaper Alternative To Replacing Your Shower Head        Add Comments
    If you have decided to replace your shower head because it has a poor flow then you should consider first simply taking it off and cleaning it thoroughly. Sometimes a build up of grit and lime in the shower head will cause it to provide low water pressure and you can save money on your bathroom renovations by not having to buy a new shower head if you just clean the old one first.

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