How To Renovate A Kitchen

How To Renovate A Kitchen

If your home has a modern and functional kitchen then you will not only feel much happier but other people will also notice how great your house looks. A kitchen renovation is a great way to add value to your property but it is important that you know how to to it properly because there is a lot of things to consider when it comes to renovating your kitchen.

  1. Budget Properly For Your Kitchen Renovations        Add Comments
    The first step when deciding how to renovate a kitchen is to set a realistic budget, making sure that you add 10% to this budget to factor in any unforeseen expenses. When it comes to setting your kitchen budget you need to consider what your plans are for the house after you have complete the renovation. For example if you are going to sell your home then you may not want to install a brand new kitchen, but instead simply give it a major facelift. However, always keep in mind when you are deciding how to design a kitchen that the layout and overall appeal of the kitchen is a crucial deciding factor for all potential home buyers.
  2. Decide How Much Work You Should Do Yourself        Add Comments
    Once you have settled on a kitchen renovation budget then you can work out what sort of changes you can afford to make and how much of the work you will need to do yourself. A new kitchen installed by a qualified contractor will cost anywhere between $10,000 and $25,000 depending on the size and the quality of the materials used. You can, however, save a lot of money on renovating a kitchen if you do some or all of the jobs yourself. Some of the things that you can easily do yourself is removing the old cupboards, striping back floor coverings, laying wall tiles, painting and shopping for fixtures and appliances.
  3. Cheap And Easy Way To Renovate A Kitchen        Add Comments
    Many people want to know how to renovate a kitchen in a quick and easy fashion without the expense of completely gutting the kitchen and replacing it. Well the best way to do this is to keep the cupboards as they are and simply change the benchtop, cupboard doors and splashback wall tiles. Then replace any old kitchen appliances, install some new lighting and give any exposed walls a fresh coat of paint. Such a simple kitchen facelift can really make a dramatic difference to an old kitchen and significantly increase the value of your property.
  4. Benefits Of The Various Kitchen Door Types        Add Comments
    Replacing kitchen cupboard doors has recently become a popular renovation idea because it saves you so much money. However there are a number of different types of kitchen doors to choose from and you have to choose one that suits the look of your existing kitchen. Some of the more popular options are laminate doors which have the benefit of being relatively cheap, vinyl wrapped doors which look stylish and are still good value, wooden doors that look good but have a tendency to fade over time, high gloss colour doors that look great but can be expensive and even stainless steel doors that will give your kitchen a professional look but some people find very cold. There are many businesses that can supply you with DIY kitchen cupboard doors and most of them even come with instructions on how you can install them yourself.
  5. Hanging Kitchen Cupboard Doors Can Be Tricky        Add Comments
    It can be very tricky to install new doors on your kitchen cupboards yourself and there is nothing more annoying than cupboard doors that don't shut properly. So if you don't feel confident hanging your own kitchen cupboard doors then it is best that you hire a professional kitchen installer in order to ensure that this is done correctly.
  6. Kitchen Renovation Jobs That Require A Professional        Add Comments
    Even if you decide to do all of the kitchen renovations yourself there are still a few tasks that have to be done by a qualified trades person. These renovation jobs include all of the plumbing work to go with water pipes, waste pipes and natural gas lines, as well as all of the electrical wiring, stove installation and light fittings. You should also make sure that you get a certificate of electrical safety and plumbing compliance certificate for any works that are done by professionals on your new kitchen.
  7. What To Look For In A Kitchen Renovation Company        Add Comments
    If you decide to hire a professional kitchen renovation company to do all of the work on your new kitchen then there are a number of things that you should look out for. Beware of companies that have not been around for long and don't have a proven track record. Get references of previous customers and call them to see if they are happy with their service. Ensure that there are registered builders and query any of their suggestions to ensure that they are not trying to push you towrds more expensive options or make simply make their job easier. Also you should still do as much research about kitchen renovations as you can before you hire anyone, because the more you know about the process and what is involved the less likely you are to be overcharged. Also you will find it much easier to evaluate any suggestions or recommendations that kitchen designers will come up with.
  8. Organize Tradesmen In The Right Order To Save Money        Add Comments
    When you want to save money renovating your kitchen ensure that you organize any tradesmen that you need in the right order, and also give them a detailed plan of the new kitchen including all electrical, gas and water connections. If you don't then you will have to pay more money for costly revisits and extra work by the tradesmen.
  9. New Floors Add To The Look Of The Kitchen        Add Comments
    When renovating a kitchen don't forget about updating the floors and/or floor coverings, as this can have a huge impact on the overall look of the new kitchen. Keep in mind the advantages and disadvantages of each different type of kitchen flooring. For example tiles are much harder wearing and come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colours and finishes but are more expensive, wooden flooring can look great but needs to be sealed properly to prevent rot and linoleum is inexpensive and easy to lay yourself but can make your kitchen look cheap.
  10. Protect Your New Kitchen From Scratches & Damage        Add Comments
    After your new kitchen cupboards and benchtop have been installed it is a great idea to protect them from marks, scratches and damage with a blanket or drop sheet whilst the finishing touches are being completed to your renovation. The last thing that you want is for your benchtop and kitchen cupboards to be scratched, chipped or stained whilst you are laying the wall tiles for the splashback or painting the walls.
  11. What To Do Without A Kitchen During Renovations        Add Comments
    regardless of how you go about renovating your kitchen you will be without any form of major cooking facilities for a few weeks. So firstly you will need to find another room in the house where you can prepare your food and install your microwave so that you can at least heat up some foods. The best things to do, however, is to organize your kitchen renovation for the summer months, so that you are able to use your outdoor BBQ for cooking meals.

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