How To Lay Wall Tiles

How To Lay Wall Tiles

Replacing the wall tiles in your kitchen, laundry or bathroom is a cheap and easy way of sprucing up your house and making it look more modern. The good thing it that if you know how to lay wall tiles properly then this is one renovation job that you can easily do yourself and save a lot of money.

  1. Questions To Ask When Choosing Wall Tiles        Add Comments
    Before you start learning how to lay wall tiles you will need to set about choosing the right wall tiles for each particular room. There are a number of selection decisions and questions to ask including:
    The size of the file, keeping in mind that larger tiles can make a small room seem bigger.
    The shape of the tile (ie: square, rectangle, mosaic, etc).
    The colour of the tile, with neutral colours not ageing as much as coloured tiles.
    The pattern to choose for the tile.
    Also remember that larger tiles will be much easier to lay and quicker to grout.
  2. How Many Wall Tiles Will You Need        Add Comments
    When planning you home renovation you will need to calculate correctly and order the wall tiles. It is best to order enough tiles for the entire job in one go before starting because if you buy tiles in 2 batches there may be slight colour variations between them. To calculate how many tiles you will need simply work out the area of the proposed tiled surface and then add a 10-15% allowance for cutting and breakages.
  3. Decide A Layout Plan For Tiles Before Starting        Add Comments
    Before you begin to lay wall tiles for your home renovation it is important that you decide on a specific layout plan for the tiles first. You can either start with a full tile on one wall edge and then have a cut tile on the other edge of that wall, or start with full tiles from the middle of the all and therefore end up with the same size cut tiles on either ends of the wall. Both of these tiling strategies have their advantages and your choice will generally depend on what layout looks right for each specific wall.
  4. Steps For Laying Straight Wall Tiles        Add Comments
    The walls in most homes are not perfect and that can make it difficult for you to lay wall tiles straight and not have the grout line looking crooked. So in order to begin tiling like a renovation expert just follow the steps below on how to lay wall tiles:
    When laying wall tiles don't start at the floor because it may not be level and subsequently all of the rows of tiles above will be not straight.
    Instead use a spirit level to draw a straight reference line lightly less than 1 tile width from the floor.
    Half nail a straight piece of wood below this line and start laying the tiles in rows working upwards.
    Use tile spacers to make sure that the grout lines are straight and even.
    After the tiles are dry remove the piece of wood and lay the bottom row of tiles, cutting any of them if required to fit them against the uneven floor.
    Finally remove the tile spacers and grout the gaps with an appropriate coloured grout.
  5. How Best To Apply Grout To Tiles        Add Comments
    If you have laid tiles for you home renovation and need to grout the tiles you should apply the grout with a proper grout float and it is best to work the grout into the joins at a 45 degree angle. In order to save yourself more work later on you should also remove as much of the excess grout from the tiles as you possibly can.
  6. Wipe The Tiles Clean After Grouting        Add Comments
    After the grouting for your home renovation has been completed you should use a damp, but not wet, sponge to wipe any of the excess grout from the wall tiles and ensure that the tile surface is shin and clean. The sponge that you use for cleaning grout should be a rounded one without any sharp edges, as these edges can dig the grout out of the tile joins and make more work for yourself.
  7. Best Way To Drill Holes In Ceramic Tiles        Add Comments
    When you need to drill a hole in a ceramic tile the drill bit will tend to slide over the tile and end up scratching it. So a great renovation tip to stop this from happening is to stick a piece of masking tape on the ceramic tile first and then simply drill the hole through the tape as you normally would.
  8. Prepare The Walls First Before Laying Wall Tiles        Add Comments
    One of the most important things to look for when you are tiling a wall is making sure that the wall backing that you are going to glue the tiles to is flat and even. If the wall surface is not flat then it will definitely affect the appearance and quality of the finished tiling job. So if your wall surface is at all damaged or askew then it is generally a good idea to glue or screw a ¼ inch sheet of plywood or drywall over the existing wall first before laying any wall tiles.

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