Home Design Ideas For Saving Money

Home Design Ideas To Save Money

Regardless of whether you are totally renovating your house or building a new property from scratch it is important that you design it properly so that you not only save money but have a much more functional place to live. In order to ensure that you get things right the first time round there are many budget design ideas for your home listed below.

  1. Choose An Appropriate Roof For Your Climate        Add Comments
    When planning the design of your home you should make sure that you choose and appropriate roof type and colour for your location. For example if you live in a hot climate then you should choose a light coloured metal roof so that is reflects most of the suns rays and reduces the amount of heat that it absorbs. You should also install a few roof vents that will stop the roof cavity from becoming extremely hot and thereby giving the house an environmentally friendly feel by reducing the cost of air-conditioning during the summer months. If you live in a cold climate then choose a dark colour tile or colourbond roof so that it absorbs as much heat as possible.
  2. Stick To Your Design Even If You Have To Compromise        Add Comments
    When you are working through all of the home design ideas for your renovation of new house you will decide on an look and feel that you want to achieve, however you may find that your expensive taste does not match with your budget. You should not let this bother you and try hard to stick to your original design with just a few simple compromises that will save your money, like imitation stone benchtops in the kitchen instead of caesar stone or semi frameless shower screens instead of frameless.
  3. Only Spend Money On Renovations That Add Value        Add Comments
    A lot of people renovate a house with the intention of adding value to it and then selling in order to make money, but fall into the trap of over capitalizing and spending money on things that don't give them a proportionate increase in value. If this is what you are trying to do then you should avoid renovations that potential buyers will view as high maintenance such as complex garden landscaping or a swimming pool. Instead focus on renovations that will save a prospective buyer work such as kitchen fixtures and appliances, new bathroom fittings and replacing carpets or polishing existing floorboards.
  4. Design Ideas For A Cheap Kitchen Facelift        Add Comments
    One of the cheapest and best home design ideas when it comes to renovating your kitchen is to re-use the old kitchen cupboards and simply give them a facelift with new, modern looking doors and trendy handles. Other cheap design ideas for you kitchen include installing a new kitchen benchtop, painting the walls and replacing the splashback tiles with a dash of colour in order to brighten up the kitchen.
  5. Don't Discount The Benefits Of A Ceiling Fan        Add Comments
    You should seriously consider installing a ceiling fan in your bedroom, dining, family or lounge room if you live in a warm climate. This is because sometimes simple air circulation is enough to cool you down on a hot summer day and you will therefore get the benefit of reduced power bills by being able to keep your air-conditioner off more often.
  6. Best Time To Renovate Your Kitchen        Add Comments
    If you are planning on renovating your entire kitchen you will have no access to cooking facilities for a number of weeks. Therefore the best time of the year to renovate your kitchen is during the summer months so that you can use you BBQ outdoors for all of your cooking needs whilst it is being completed.
  7. Choose You Interior Paint Colours Wisely        Add Comments
    When you are choosing the paint colours to fit with your interior house design you should try and choose one neutral wall paint and one neutral trim paint for the entire house rather than buying litres of different colours for each different room. Doing this will not only save you money but will also reduce the number of half full paint tins that you need to store in your garage. If you want to add some colour to you interior walls then you can choose to paint one feature wall a different colour and then paint all of the other walls with the same neutral colour.
  8. Know What Installations Attract Government Rebates        Add Comments
    With energy efficiency and global warming as hot political issues make sure that you keep up to date with the latest news and government rebates with regards to home design, construction and renovations. For example lots of local, state and federal governments are providing rebates and incentives that reward energy efficient and water saving installations such as new hot water services, roof insulation, water tanks, solar panels, shower heads, dual flush toilets, etc. The best place to look up information on these incentives is your local council, state or federal government website.
  9. Wire Up Your House With Network Cabling        Add Comments
    When you are making a list of design ideas for a new home, extension or renovation you should think about installing network wiring to all appropriate rooms. This is because there are now lots of internet ready TVs, appliances and other gadgets available and it is much easier to install network wiring initially than retrofitting it. Also dedicated network cabling throughout the house is more reliable, secure and faster than using a home wireless network.

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