Garden Design Ideas

Garden Design & Landscaping Ideas

Many people enjoy gardening and love to spend time in their own landscaped garden. For many people a good garden design means a place to relax and forget about the normal stresses of life. Whether it is a small patio garden with water feature, landscaped courtyard garden with selected plants and unique garden edging or a large backyard complete with garden shed, furniture, lawn and thriving vegetable patch.

The best way to begin planning your garden areas is to browse through hundreds of Garden Landscape Designs and then to choose one or more that you like and suits your needs. By doing this and choosing the right landscaping ideas you will not only make doing the gardening a whole lot easier but it will also mean that your family can spend more time enjoying your home garden. With most people becoming more environmentally aware there is a big shift towards more sustainable living and nowhere is this more evident than in the household garden. Planting the right plants, growing your own fruits and vegetables, recycling water and creating your own compost or mulch are things that are high on the agenda for avid gardeners.

Having a thriving and practical garden design does not have to cost a fortune. You can employ the garden services of a professional or you easily do it yourself, because there are plenty ways in which you can save money on gardening whilst still designing and creating your ideal garden. Once you have finished creating your dream garden setting then you will not only have a great place for entertaining guests but will also create money by increasing the resale value of your house.

Ideas For Vegetable Garden Produce
The soil is the life blood of your vegetable garden so you should take the time to test the acidity or alkalinity of the soil in your backyard. You can buy a cheap soil testing kit and follow the packets instructions to test the soil across you backyard. Use soil from just below the surface and as a general rule a pH of 6.5 is what you should be aiming for.  .....  Read Many More Tips

How To Kill Snails & Slugs
To attract and kill slugs and snails that attack the plants in your veggie patch make a simple trap out of a recycled plastic milk bottle. Simply cut the bottom 5-8cms from the bottle, sink it into the soil so the top rim is level with the soil and fill with beer, which will attract them from all around the garden.  .....  Read Many More Tips

Natural Insect Repellent & Cat Repellents
Most cats hate to get wet, so a cheap and free cat repellent is to squirt any cats that venture into your garden with water from a high-powered water pistol and after a few days they won't return.  .....  Read Many More Tips

How To Make Cut Flowers Last Longer
When you cut flowers from your garden and put them in a vase there are a few things that you can do to make them last longer. Woody stems should have their ends crushed to help increase their intake of water, add a tablespoon of sugar to a litre of water for daisies, asters, chrysanthemums, petunias, carnations & sweet peas and finally hydrangeas will keep fresh for a week if you split the stems 1cm at the base & add a spoonful of powdered alum to the water.  .....  Read Many More Tips

Landscape Garden Ideas
Always remember Garden Landscape Rule Number One - When working through landscape garden ideas always start with the essential structure first, by planting the larger trees and shrubs first. Then you can follow this up by adding the smaller, more colorful plants. The best way to get more information about how to create a successful garden landscape is to simply look through lots of landscaping pictures showing what other people have done with their garden area.  .....  Read Many More Tips

Indoor Plant Care & Food
If you are looking for a secret that will ensure that you indoor plants thrive then I guess that this is it. Try to give the plants an environment within your house that is similar to the conditions that they enjoy when they are planted outdoors.  .....  Read Many More Tips

Compost as Fertilizer for Plants
Kelp from the sea is a particularly good form of compost fertilizer. It is great for your garden soil because it decays quickly, adds lots of vital nutrients and doesn't introduce weed seeds into your garden beds. You can apply fresh kelp directly to the soil, mulch it and apply a 2 to 4 inch layer around your garden plants or alternatively add it to your compost pile.  .....  Read Many More Tips

Planting Seeds & Transplanting Seedlings
You can plant garden seeds in any number of household containers including yoghurt tubs, cottage cheese tubs and restaurant take away trays. Fill the container with quality seedling mix and put small drainage holes at the bottom.  .....  Read Many More Tips

Outdoor Garden Lighting & Equipment
It is always better if you can work outdoor garden lighting into your garden design ideas from the start. This i because it is generally much harder to add garden lights later on and it also may require you to dig up your garden and/or lawn.  .....  Read Many More Tips

How To Get Rid Of Weeds
Keeping weeds from getting started will always be much easier than getting rid of weeds. For this reason you should Never Let Weeds Go To Seed. Each weed plant can produce hundreds or thousands of seeds, so if you remove weeds from the garden and placed in the compost heap before they go to seed then thousands of seeds won't be added to the garden.  .....  Read Many More Tips

How To Save Money Gardening
A well maintained and thriving vegetable garden will not only produce better tasting, healthier fruits and vegetables but can also help you cut your grocery bill by up to 50%.  .....  Read Many More Tips

Save Money on Gardening Supplies & Gardening Services
Gardeners love bark and/or mulch because it not only makes the garden look good but also inhibits weed growth and reduces the amount of garden watering that is required. When you are ordering it from the a gardening supplies store make sure that you go with the larger sized wood bark chips or mulch so that it doesn't blow all around the garden on windy days.  .....  Read Many More Tips

We hope that you appreciate and are able to use some of the Free garden design ideas for landscaping around your own garden. If you would like to share your own suggestions or tips designing a garden then you can do so by clicking here.