Clean Store Bought Fruits & Vegetables

Baking Soda Cleaning

Many people aren't aware or don't seem to care that their store bought fruits and vegetables have insecticides and other chemicals on them. The best way to safely and naturally clean all of the dirt and chemicals from your store bought fruits and vegetables is to wash them in a sink full of water and ¼ cup of baking soda.

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    Jose says:Reply to Comment »
    Sun 23rd September 2012, 10:18:15

    Chemically, baking soda and barocbinate of soda (or sodium barocbinate) are the same. The Arm Hammer brand baking soda is in a bright yellow box or plastic bag and is labeled Baking Soda. If it is another brand, read the label. If it does not say it is suitable for baking do not use it. The baking soda variety of barocbinate of soda is the only one certified to be free enough of other contaminates to be fit for human consumption. The answerer who mentioned that it has tartaric acid added is confusing it w/ Baking Powder. One of the acid/alkaline combinations for Baking Powder is baking soda and cream-of-tarter (tartaric acid). The ratio for making baking powder using baking soda and cream-of-tarter is: 4 parts of baking soda to 5 parts of cream-of-tarter. This home made baking powder is equal, measure for measure, to commercial powders.